EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally:NC, Marion - 06/03/2022 to 6/05/2022

Added to Calendar: 06/03/22, 06/04/22, 06/05/22


North Carolina Chapter Leaders
Event Type
  1. Chapter Rally
Venue Name
Tom Johnson Champground
Venue Contact Name
Ms Tayler Rose
Venue Contact Email
Venue Contact Phone
1-828-724-4105 ext 1291
Venue Street Address
1885 US 70
Venue City
Venue State / Province
Venue Zip Code
Venue Country
  1. United States
Rally Start Date
Jun 3, 2022
Rally End Date
Jun 5, 2022
Number of Sites Held
Site Costs per Night
Heartland Brand Fee
Non-Heartland Brand Fee (per person)
Event Leader
Event Leader Contact
Event Summary
Final cut off for booking sites is 1May 22
Unbooked sites will be returned to campground.
North Carolina Heartland Rally
Tom Johnson Campground
3 – 5 June 2022
Marion, NC

30 May 2022

Event Host arriving to Tom Johnson Campground to prepare for Rally.
Should anyone be arriving early before the rally starts give us a call or come by our campsite P2. Please call us should you need anything . Hayden 910-824-1574, Gigi 910-818-2926

Friday, 3 June 2022

5:30 Meet and Greet at Campground Pavilion.
Bring Finger foods and drink

Selling 50/50 Tickets.

Saturday, 4 June 2022

Enjoy your day exploring the Area.

5:30. Dinner. Meat provided by Club. Pulled Chicken and Pulled Beef Brisket with BBQ sauce on the side.
Bring sides or desert and own drink.

Door prize drawing after dinner.

Give back is will be The USO of Fort Bragg NC. Donations are appreciated.

Sunday 5, June 2022

8:00 -10:00 Breakfast pastries, coffee and juice provided at campground pavilion.

Safe travels to your next destination and Thank you for attending.
Attendee List
Hayden & Gigi Warren and Lucy 30 May-6 June Site P-2
Henry & Martha Scott 1-6 June Site P-1
Steve & Sherry Elliot 31 May- 5 June Site 9
Steve & Patt y Lester 2 -6 June Site P-6
Ricky & Rachel Lester 30 May - 3 June P-3
Randy & Santha Allen 2-6 June P-8
Keith & Carol Lindgren 2-5 June Site P-12
David & Deanna Hall 2-5 June Site 59
Jeff & Nora Hanna May 25- June 5 Site P-25
Ricky Verity & Madeline Reitter 1-6 June Site P-16
Nathan & Byrd Mathis 4-5 June
Cliff & Sharon McLarty 4 June Local Area
Terrell & Carol Stanley 2-6 June. Site P-26
Don & Cindy Gilbert 31 May -5 June P10
Joe & Ann Pierce 1-6 June P-4
Chris & Missy Wallace 3-5 June P-20


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Good morning! Just made our reservations, we have site P-6, arriving June 2, departing June 6. I guess we are your first SOBs lol
Steve and Patti Lester


North Carolina Chapter Leaders
Good morning! Just made our reservations, we have site P-6, arriving June 2, departing June 6. I guess we are your first SOBs lol
Steve and Patti Lester

That’s great. Gigi and I look forward to seeing y’all again soon.
Hayden & Gigi

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Retired Virginia Chapter Leaders
Carol & I plan on being there. We will be arriving on Thursday June 2 and will be departing on Sunday June 5. We are booked into site P-12.


My Wife and I have made reservations. We are in site 59 this will be our first rally looking forward to it. we will be arriving June 2 and departing June 5

Deanna and David Hall
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