EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NY, Lockport - 8/6/2021 to 8/8/2021

Added to Calendar: 08/06/21, 08/07/21, 08/08/21


New York Chapter Leaders-Retired

  • Niagara County Camping Resort
  • 7369 Wheeler Rd
  • Lockport, NY 14094
  • Christine 716-434-3991
  • www.niagaracamping.com
  • Pets ok?: Yes
  • Golf carts allowed?: Yes
  • Golf Cart restrictions?: must have insurance and sign waver
  • Golf Cart fees?:
  • From: 8/6/2021 to: 8/8/2021
  • Number of sites held: 40
  • Register by end of day 5/10/2021
  • Site fee: $49.00 plus tax per night.
  • Club Member Event fee: 0
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee: 20.00
  • Potluck: Yes
  • Potluck date:
  • Potluck time: TBD


Additional Info:
meet and greet at 630 pm
it will be pot luck and bring your own beverages and a dish to pass plus drinks of your choosing. afterward, weather permitting we will have a fire and sit around and shoot the breeze.

8:30 AM A Simple breakfast Sharon is making homemade sticky buns there will be coffee and OJ and bagels and whatever other goodies we can muster up ( I have to do some sweet talking to some of the other members but maybe we can do some pancakes and bacon too)
Lunch you on your own from the sounds of it it looks like everyone is going to the falls.

Dinner at 6:30 pm
Picnic style dinner club will provide hamburgers and hotdogs and a Mac salad please bring a dish or a dessert to pass and of course bring your own beverages

Sunday breakfast is the same as Saturday

Please note from what I’m understanding the border will be open to Canada however you must show proof that you have been fully vaccinated and you have a passport or an NYS enhanced driver license. No exceptions to the rules
please note:
- No sewer easy access dump station on the way out. Free honey wagon service provided Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
- 30 amp service.
- Cable.
- pet must have rabies cert.
Mike Sharon Besanceney30614708/48/9BH TRAVELER
Jamie Ginger Walker 11234608/48/9ELKRIDGE
Mike Jodi Vanderford 19458/68/9BIG COUNTRY
Dale Karen Fredrickson30518/48/9BIGHORN
Jon Patti Hobart10258/48/9BIGHORN
Rick Kathy Bjornholm ??8/68/8MALLARD
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Ontario Chapter Leaders
Hello.....we have this marked on calendar but due to this dam virus it will probably be a last minute plan. Its nice and close for us. Will try our best!


Pennsylvania Chapter Leaders-Retired
The Fredrickson’s are in... 8/4-8/9 site? Christine wouldn’t give me a site number,


retired Maryland Chapter Leaders
Ok. We are booked for Aug 6-9. Our member number is 1945.Big Country. She didn't have a site number to give me.


Well-known member
Jon and Patti are in, but no site #. Club # 1025. We will arrive on August 4th and leave August 9th. Let the party begin !!!
We are all set - arriving on Friday, leaving on Monday. ID 6622. Looking forward to our first get together. Also bringing our 2 grand children (8 & 7) with us. Rick & Kathy Bjornholm.
Just a note - Route 104 - a main East/West route primarily from Syracuse to Niagara Falls was closed due to bridge replacement at the Orleans/Niagara County line. If you were planning on using this route, my suggestion is to take the Lake Ontario State Parkway from Rt 390 (not before as there are some low bridges) to the end, then take Route 18 west to Hess Rd south into Lockport area. Their detour of Rt 31 or Rt 33 will bring you through many small town and Village main streets.