EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: SK, Rosetown - 8/9/2019 to 8/10/2019

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Saskatchewan Chapter Leader

  • Prairie View Park
  • NE side of Rosetown. From the junction of Hwys 4 and 7, 1.5 km N and 1 km E on Marshall Ave.
  • Rosetown, SK SOL 2V0.
  • don_ewart@sasktel.net 3066658162
  • Pets ok!:
  • Golf carts allowed?: Yes if you have your own
  • Golf Cart restrictions?: Drive slow
  • Golf Cart fees?: none supplied

  • From: 8/9/2019 to: 8/10/2019
  • Number of sites held: 20
  • Register by end of day 6/1/2019
  • Site fee: $30.00 per night.
  • Club Member Event fee:
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee:
  • Potluck: Yes
  • Potluck date: August 08
  • Potluck time: 6pm


Additional Info:
This campground is owned and operated by a non profit Called Wheatland Regional

They are Wheatland Regional Center which provides residential and vocational support to people living with intellectual disabilities. They support 25 individuals in three group homes and have been operating in Rosetown for some 45 years.

Income from the campground provides funding for projects such as transportation needs and program support

The Campground has 14 pull through sites and several more sites that are very big rig friendly.

At present they cannot take credit cards as that would cut into the profits of which they use to fund their organization. They do have debit for paying of camp fees.

You can make your reservations through me.

I have given them a personal cheque to secure the sites

Sasktel ( our phone carrier) is planning on installing a wifi tower close by.

I hope to have a competitive Bar B que team doing supper on Friday and Saturday

We have an agreement with Glen Gillis a world renowned Saxophonist who will come out to entertain us.

Pre-Rally Opportunity:
On August 7th, there is an Elvis tribute show at Dakota dunes Casino in Saskatoon called "Rock Your Summer with Rory Allen’s Tribute to Elvis."

Rory Allen
has has been around for quite a while and us very popular.

Tickets are $50.00 which includes a very good buffet, we go to these shows often so can attest to the food.
here is a link to check it out.

If we have some people interested in attending I will book the table.

Link > https://tickets.siga.sk.ca/eventperformances.asp?evt=1040

Attendee List:
Updated: 10-April by D.E.

Don & Janina EwartBig Horn 376013Saskatoon8-Aug
Jim & Nancy BelettiLandmark 36514Colorado Springs5-Aug
Rick and Arlene CherryBig Country FLP 39007Strathmore AB
Joanne and Ron Green65-Aug
Don & Peg NuefeldBighorn15Ninette MB
Keith and Karen Weimer2016 Bighorn16Calgary6-Aug
Lorne & Pat VargaBig Horn178-Aug
Cliff & GailLandmark5Red Deer AGB
Doug & Lynne OllisBig Horn4Calgary
Ed & Debbie BartelLandmark18Edmonton8-Aug
Malcolm & Lee McTaggartBig Horn18Prince Albert9-Aug


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Canada-East Region Directors-Retired
That's great news Don.

We'll try to attend the rally somehow but I'll have to talk to the boss before I can confirm.


retired Alberta Chapter Leaders
Lynne & I are planning to be there. Also a few others from our club have indicated they will attend. Doug


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Don and Janina,

Update for Belettis:

I'm not sure how to make reservations for this rally, but for now, our plan would be to:

Arrive: 5-Aug
Depart: 12-Aug
Nights: 7
Site: tbd

So that's our "plan". We'll be heading to the Alberta rally the weekend after this rally and are hopeful that many
Saskatchewan attendees will be able to join us in support the of the Alberta rally.


Saskatchewan Chapter Leader
Saskatchewan Rally Update

Yesterday I met with Mike Longman (the GM at Mainline RV ), the Dealership is sponsoring the Welcome dinner on Friday and a professionally smoked rib feast on Saturday providing the smoker is available. here is a picture, he is one of us.

Stay tuned, more to come


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Thanks for the welcome. We would like to register for the Rosetown rally arriving Aug 5 leaving the 9th. Please let us know how to register. Joanne and Ron Green


Saskatchewan Chapter Leader
I am going to Rosetown in the morning to meet with the group that operate the campground.
They are a non profit organization who provide shelter for specialty needs adults.

They are limited in their experience so I will work something out so we can get people registered.

I will also be confirming mainline RV support and participation in the rally.
Don & Janina

- - - Updated - - -

Hopefully by Wednesday January 30 evening I will have the registration situation well in hand.


Saskatchewan Chapter Leader
I have been to Rosetown and met with the Campground operators a non profit called Wheatland Regional Center.
At present they do not have the ability to process credit cards, they can process debit cards.

In order to ensure that we have the sites required I gave them a personal cheque to hold 19 sites until June 1st. So we have to make that the cut off. That being said, if something happens and you find that after June 1st you can attend, they have 30 sites in total and will fit you in. Let me know.

I found that the Greens have contacted the Director and are so reserved. Here is the email for the organization.
The mans name is

Roger Haugen

When you email him please cc myself at don_ewart@sasktel.net.
So far I have my wife and myself, the Beletti's, the Greens, the cherry's, the browns, the cardinals.

More info to follow


Saskatchewan Chapter Leader
See post #1 for an attached brochure (PDF) for the facility.
You should be able to double click then click on save the file this should save it to your system. To view on your computer.
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We received 2 more reservations this morning, that brings the total to 6.

come on DOWN


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Things are really ramping up for this rally. The Belettis' are still in and are looking forward to our very first visit to Saskatchewan. And then, moving onto to the Alberta rally. Not my first time there but first time with an RV!

See everyone in Canada - eh!


Saskatchewan Chapter Leader
So far we have 9 rigs signed up for this inaugural event. I am waiting for confirmation from a competitive bar B Que team who also are heartland Owners, they will be cooking supper on Friday and Saturday.

I will be bringing out a big load of Seasoned Birch for fire pit socials every night starting on August 6.


Saskatchewan Chapter Leader
Hopefully the picture will show up here.


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So far we have 9 rigs signed up for this inaugural event. I am waiting for confirmation from a competitive bar B Que team who also are heartland Owners, they will be cooking supper on Friday and Saturday.

I will be bringing out a big load of Seasoned Birch for fire pit socials every night starting on August 6.

Count me in for eatin' :)


Saskatchewan Chapter Leader
Hello everyone, yesterday I drove out to Rosetown to meet with the owners of Mainline RV, GMC,Dodge dealership. Yes, they have a separate dealership for each brand. I have been talking to them about sponsorship. They agreed to sponsor the 2 dinners and provide the location for the meals prior to Christmas but I did not have a written confirmation. I now have that. The reason for asking for a location to eat is, everyone in Saskatchewan knows that if you don't like the weather, wait an hour and it will change. WE will have the 2 meals inside. They also have offered to obtain a meeting liquor permit. In Saskatchewan you require that if you have a group and there is booze. You will be able to bring your favorite beverage.

Keegan will also provide several door prizes.

While I was in Rosetown I went to the Wheatland Center and gave them the reservations we have thus far.

Here is an FYI, yesterday the temperature here was -49 c. For those that do not know wind chill effects, I will give you the colder than list. in degrees. We were colder than
78 degrees colder than Colorado Springs
128 degrees colder than Orlando

Exposed skin will freeze in 5 minutes frost bite in 10.

During the summer in Saskatchewan the average temp is in the high 70's low 80's.

Watch for more info once it is confirmed.
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