EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TN, Sevierville - 05/13/2022 to 05/15/2022

Added to Calendar: 05/13/22, 05/14/22, 05/15/22


Tennessee Chapter Leaders
The TN Chapter Rally

***** ATTENTION ***** Heartland is providing rally t shirts. Please provide me with your sizes.
Event Type
  1. Chapter Rally
Venue Name
The Ridge Outdoor Resort
Venue Contact Name
Ginger or Lexie
Venue Contact Email
Venue Contact Phone
1-888-559-2267 or 1-865-505-3111
Venue Street Address
1250 Middle Creek Road
Venue City
Venue State / Province
Venue Zip Code
Venue Country
  1. United States
Rally Start Date
May 13, 2022
Rally End Date
May 15, 2022
Number of Sites Held
Site Costs per Night
Heartland Brand Fee
Non-Heartland Brand Fee (per person)
Event Leader Contact
Event Summary
First cut off date is March, 1 2022
final cut off date is April, 1 2022 release any unbooked sites
Friday evening: meet and greet, bring finger foods or snacks
Sat morning: waffle breakfast
Sat evening: potluck with the club providing the meat, door prize drawings
Sun morning: pastries, coffee and good byes
Attendee List
1 Bobby and Linda Eanes 5/10- 5/15 site 111______ L, XL
2 Ricky and Rachel Lester 5/8- 5/15 site 112______ 2-XL
3 Hugh and Carla Pearson 5/13- 5/15 site 113_______2-L
4 Henry and Martha Scott 5/10- 5/15 site 115______ L, XL
5 Ron and Shelia Brown 5/11- 5/15 site 83 ________ S, XL
6 Don and Cindy Gilbert 5/9- 5/16. site 129________ L, 2XL
7 Terrell and Carol Stanley 5/9- 5/16. Site 82__________ M, 2X
8 Keith and Carol Lindgren 5/10- 5/16 site 81 ______ XL, 2X
9 Hayden and Gigi Warren 5/8-5/15 site 116 _________ XL, 3X
10 Jeff and Nora Hanna. 5/13- 5/18. site 100_________2-L
11 Sandra and Ted Nickson Unk
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Tennessee Chapter Leaders
Everyone who wants to attend needs to make your reservation and post on this thread with your names and dates that you plan to attend. This is a really nice venue and sites will go quick!


Ohio Chapter Leaders
Bobby and Linda,
Just made our reservation for your Rally. Arriving 5/9 departing 5/16. We are on site 129. Looking forward to your Rally and seeing you guys again.


Retired Virginia Chapter Leaders
Alrighty Then. We have just made our campground reservations. Site 81 (pullthru) arriving on May 10 departing on May 16. Really looking forward to it1


Tennessee Chapter Leaders
******ATTENTION ******
I need all attendees to reply with your size for the rally t shirt!!
I need these so that they can be ordered by the correct size


Active Member
Made our reservations yesterday. Arriving 9 May. Leaving 16 May. Site 82.
T-shirts: 1 2X, 1 Medium


Well-known member
Regrettably, we have a scheduling conflict and have to miss this rally. Y’all have a great time And we’ll see you down the road!