EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: UT, Moab - 5/19/2015 to 5/26/2015

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Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired

  • Spanish Trail RV Park
  • 2980 S. Hwy 191
  • Moab, UT 84532
  • Leslie or Janie 1-800-787-2751
  • http://www.spanishtrailrvpark.com/
  • Pets ok?: Yes
  • Pet Fee: $0
  • WiFi available: Yes
  • WiFi Fee: $0


  • From: 5/19/2015 to: 5/26/2015
  • Site fee: $44.00 weekday /54.00 holiday weekend (10% discount off the price will be given with presentation of a Good Sam card).....(Final price with Good Sam Card is $39.60 weekday, $48.60 Memorial Day Holiday weekend)
  • Club Member Event fee: $0
  • Non-Club Member fee: $20
  • *******************************************************************
  • Meet and Greet Wednesday 5/20/2015 at 5PM....
  • Bring your favorite beverage and please wear your badges. Club to provide snacks.
  • Ron from Titan Disc Brakes will give a short talk on Brake/Tire setups around 6PM
  • ********************************************************************
  • Susie's Branding Iron Thursday 5/21/2015 at 5PM (BYOD)
  • ********************************************************************
  • Cocktail Hour Friday, 5/22/2015 5PM featuring our own Len, (Roadjunkie) performing live music. Bring your favorite beverage,appetizer and chairs.
  • ********************************************************************
  • Potluck: Yes........Club Will Provide Entrees-
  • Each rig is being asked to please bring a side dish, salad, or dessert to serve 6-8 people
  • Potluck date: Saturday 5/23/2015
  • Potluck time: 6:00PM

  • Event Leader: TandT(click to contact)

Additional Info:
I have reserved 25 pull thru sites at Spanish Trail RV Park for May 19 thru 25 2015, leaving on the 26th. DEADLINE TO RESERVE FEB 28, 2015, or when all sites are gone.

To reserve your space, please call the park and tell them you are with the HL group for these dates. You can do all 7 days or only part of it. Extra days before or after are also available at this time. PLEASE RESERVE EARLY.
They give a 10% discount off the price listed above when you check in, if you present a Good Sam club card. YOU MUST TELL THEM YOU HAVE GOOD SAM, AS THEY WILL NOT ASK.

Moab books up very early for the following year. That is the reason for posting this rally at this time.

If you reserve please PM or e-mail me and I will post your name as attending.

This is shaping up to be another great Rally. If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know.

Not familiar with Moab? Here's a preview.(MOAB)

This is one of the world's premiere spots for Hiking, Biking, Photography, Rafting, kayaking, ATVing, Jeeping and more.

More details to follow................ Thanks Trace

*Each rig is being asked to bring a gift in the $15-$20 range for the raffle to be held during the potluck. We will also be having a 50/25/25 raffle at the potluck.

*Happy hours and Campfires, sharing the days activities every evening after dinner, either at our rig, or on the patio. (to be determined upon my arrival)

*SUSIE'S BRANDING IRON. Thursday 5/21/2015 5PM. (Everyone pays for their own dinner)
In addition to our Pot-luck and any other activities, I am taking a head count for a reservation for dinner at Susie's Branding Iron Restaurant. (SUSIE'S). If you are up for going to Susie's, please let me know.

We are planning a jeep, utv, atv excursion on Thursday May 21st and Friday May 22nd. If you own any off road vehicles, bring them, or you can rent your own for those and/or any other dates in Moab.
There are at least three atv/utv rental agencies in Moab. Please make your own arrangements to bring or rent ATV's, Jeeps, or off road vehicles.

*Mountain bikers, this is prime mountain biking territory. (all levels, beginner to expert) MOUNTAIN BIKING INFO. So bring your bikes.

NEW.......MOAB ARTS FESTIVAL......May 23rd and 24th http://www.moabartsfestival.org/

(1) Dave and Shelly (RollingWhiteThunder) (#2787) May 19-26th (UT) CANCELLED
(2) Wayne and Melinda (wino2) (AKA "Some Other Couple")(#2262) May 19-26th (CA)SHIRTS/ (1) XL, (1) XXL PAID (Susie's)
(3) Trace and Teri (TandT) (#1694) May 17-26th (UT) SHIRTS/ (2) LG (SUSIE'S)
(4) Gary and Sue (Glamis4my4100) (#2505) May 19-26th (CA) SHIRTS/ (1) LG, (2) XL PAID (SUSIE'S) CANCELLED
(5) Jack and Bev (xraisingrower) (#2054) May 19-26th (CA) SHIRT/ (1) LG PAID (SUSIE'S)
(6) Mike and Edythe (gasman) (#2057) May 19-26th (UT) SHIRTS/ (1) L (1) M PAID (SUSIE'S)
(7) Neil and Nanci (neilandnanci) (#2067) May 19-26th (CA) Shirts/ NO (SUSIE'S)CANCELLED
(8) PJ and Karol (Gaffer) (#1626) May-19th-26th (OR) Shirts/(1)L, (2) XL/ PAID (SUSIE"S)
(9) Jim and Melody (BigJim45) (#2617) May 19th-26th (CA) Shirts/(2)XL PAID (SUSIE'S) (BOAT-NO)
(10) Floyd and Carol (FLOYDPHILBROOK) (#1422) May 19th-26th (NV) Shirts/ NO(SUSIE'S) (BOAT-NO)
(11) Jim and Connie (Jim and Connie Brower) (#2408) May 19th-26th (NV) Shirts/ NO (SUSIE'S)
(12) Larry and Liz (larkinstuart) (#1861) May 19-26th (CA) Shirts (2) XL PAID (SUSIE'S)
(13) Roger and Judy (rmeyer) (#1949) May 19-26th (UT) Shirts/(1) M (1) L $$$ (SUSIE"S)
(14) Terry and June (MTPockets) (#2042) May 19th-26th (AZ) Shirts/NO(SUSIE'S)
(15) Robin and Carolyn (Robin and Carolyn) May 19-26th (OR) (SUSIE'S) (BOAT-NO)
(16) Larry and Donna (SmithFamily) (#383) May 21-24th (UT) Shirts/ (1) XL (1) M PAID
(17) George and Vicky (Retired_Now) (#2314) May 19-26th (CA) CANCELLED
(18) Mike and Aline (sundanceberry) (#2662) May 19-25th (UT) (SUSIE'S)
(19) Bill and DeAnna (mtnspet) (#2604) May 19-26th (CO) Shirts/ (1) L (1) XL PAID
(20) Rod and Kelly (For20hunter) (#2336) May 19-26th (WA) Shirts/(2) L PAID (SUSIE'S/ for 4)
(21) Carlos and Kindra (moses) (#2607 ) May 19-26th (WA) Shirts/ NO (SUSIE'S)
(22) Craig and Tena (WCBurton) (#2479) May 21-26th Shirts (CO) (1) XL $$ (SUSIE'S)
(23) Len and Sue (Roadjunkie) (#287 ) May 19-26th (UT)
(24) Marty and Theresa (Sandman) (#1031) May 19-26th (CA) CANCELLED
(25) Sandy and Steve (Sandy 2407) (#2759) May 19-26th (CA) Shirts/ (1) XXL PAID (SUSIE'S)
(26) Wilson and Debi (Dpadilla116) ( May 19-26th 2015 (CA) Shirts/ 1 XXL $$$ (SUSIE'S)
(27) Bob and Diane (RGC5226) (#2599) May 19-26th (CA) Shirts/ (1) L (1) XL PAID (SUSIE'S)
(28) Jim and Christine (Jimsryker) (Heartland owners) May 19-25th (CA) Shirts/ (1) XXL PAID (SUSIE"S)
(29) Derald and Sue (dkeetc1) (#2839) May 19-26th (NM) Shirts/ (1) 3XL (1) XL $$$ (SUSIES) (BOAT-NO)
(30) Ben and Rhonda (Sagerat) (OR) May 19-23rd

UPDATE 3/16/2015

*****************MOAB JET BOAT RIDE INFORMATION****************



Our boat is reserved for Saturday Morning, May 23, 2015 at 8AM (returns to the dock at approx 11AM)

The group will meet at the dock Saturday Morning, no later than 7:45 AM. (Approx. 15 minute drive from our campground)

At last count, I had a show of interest from around 30 people.

Everyone is being asked to call, reserve your seats and make your own payment arrangements.

Please call 1-800-394-9978 and tell them you are with the Heartland group going out the morning of May 23rd, 2015.
I have indicated to the manager that we would try to have everyone who is going call to make their reservations within a week.

You will receive a 10% discount off the regular $89 price (per group manager Rachel Paxman), by telling them you are with the Heartland group.

Please notify me by PM or email and let me know you have made your reservation. That way I will know that no further follow-up is needed by me. Thank you, Trace
The following people have confirmed with me they have made a reservation for our Jet Boat;

Jack and Bev
Mike and Edythe
Liz and Larry
Terry and June
Mike and Aline
Steve and Sandy
Bob and Diane
PJ and Karol
Len and Sue
Bill and DeAnna
Trace and Teri
Larry and Donna
Wilson and Debi
Jim and Christine
Craig and Tena



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We are happy you have scheduled another rally. It will be fun and hope you are having the same great entertainment as Virgin! That was a blast!


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Wow what a coincidence. We were just talking last night about going to Moab next spring! Now we can meet some more heartlanders! Will make our reservation soon - Ann and Rick


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Wow, great initial response. Updated the first thread with those who have notified me that they have already reserved. Trace


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Thank you Jim and Melody for the PM. Looking forward to seeing you there. Trace


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Two more rigs just added;
Floyd and Carol (FLOYDPHILBROOK) and Jim and Connie Brower (Jim and Connie Brower).
Thank you guys! Trace


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Just added Larry and Liz (larkinstuart). Thanks guys. Looking forward to it already. Trace


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Thanks for keeping me informed everyone. Please check the first post for up-to-date info. Thanks, Trace


Founders of SoCal Chapter
Trace, Pat and I will be there. Dont know what days yet. I need to get Larry and Liz to come to Pechanga. Big Jim and his wife are coming to Pechanga...I hope we dont scare them tooo much.


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Judy and roger will be there. Made reservatrions yesterday, 19th thru 26th
Roger and Judy,
That's really great. Thanks for letting me know. Trace

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Just added Terry and June (MTPockets).
Thank you guys. It will be fun!

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UPDATE; We have 14 rigs with confirmed reservations. Several more planning to call.
If you are planning to book dates before or after the week listed, it would be a good idea to call in as early as possible. Thanks, Trace


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Hey Trace, please add our guests Robin and Carolyn Pease (SOB's) to the list. They will be arriving on the 19th and leaving on the 26th.


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Hey Trace, please add our guests Robin and Carolyn Pease (SOB's) to the list. They will be arriving on the 19th and leaving on the 26th.
Will do. Thanks for the heads up. Trace
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I have just added Larry and Donna (SmithFamily) to our 2015 Utah Spring Rally. This will be their very first rally. Trace
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