EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: CO, Aurora - 4/27/2018 to 4/29/2018

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Retired Colorado Chapter Leaders
We hope everyone enjoys this weekend. The weekend weather looks great compared to our last several. Wish we could be there but we are still impatiently waiting on our 6th grandchild. Have fun!!!

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My wife and I had a great fun and relaxing weekend! It was great to meet all of you and are looking forward to the Mountain rally in Montrose later this year.20180428_102159.jpg


Yes, it was great fun! What Bobbie and I did discover is that this group likes to eat - camp fire cobbler and monkey bread, chocolate chip cookies and brownies and hot dogs and chips. Discovered the propane gas fire pits and, of course, went to Lowes to purchase one. Thanks everyone for a fun first introduction to the group. We'll see you in Montrose - Patty and Bobbie


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Wish I could have been there...looks like a great time was had by all!

The Colorado HOC Chapter is the GREATEST! :cool:

Sshhhhh!!!!!! :rolleyes:

Don't tell anyone I said that as I am down in Albuquerque right now for the New Mexico HOC Rally this weekend! :p

Will see some of guys in Pueblo next month...and Montrose in September!
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