EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: CO, Walden - 7/15/2018 to 7/22/2018

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  • From: 7/15/2018 to: 7/22/2018
  • Number of sites held:
  • Register by end of day 1/10/2018
  • Site fee: 24.00 per night. Electricity only.
  • Club Member Event fee:
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee:
  • Potluck: No
  • Potluck date:
  • Potluck time:


Additional Info:
Susan will make reservations beginning Jan 15, 2018. Anyone wanting to attend should let her know by Jan 10 so she can start reservations. More information on Ranger Lakes @ State Forest State Park can be found on their website.

Attendees: Steve & Susan 37.5'
Tom & Carla
Gregg & Linda 38' 15th-20th
Steve & Sandy
Bill & DeAnna
Don & Monica 40'
Dennis & Alana 19th-22nd
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We have been camping in this area a couple times a year for the past 17 years. We cannot confirm we will be back in Colorado in time for this by your deadline.


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It looks like we are getting some interest in the campout. A big thank you to Steve & Susan for putting this together. Others interested need to let them know soon so reservations can be made. This is one area of CO we have not been to and are looking forward to it.


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We got our confirmation today on Ranger Lakes. We will be in site 114. Now the waiting begins.

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Don & I have reservations from Sunday to Sunday and will be in site #122.
The campout is two months away...I'm getting anxious already...probably the nice weather we've had lately is helping :)
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