EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NC, Cherokee - 4/29/2011 to 5/1/2011

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  • Eastern Regional Rally
  • 92 KOA Kampground Road
  • Cherokee, NC 28719
  • Gayle Dutcher or Debbie at 1-800-562-7784 or 1-828-497-9711.
  • www.cherokeekoa.com
  • Pets ok?: yes
  • Pet Fee: No
  • WiFi available: yes Free at the pavilion, A fee is charge if you want WiFi at your campsite
  • WiFi Fee: $7.99 for 24 hours or $10.00 48 hours

  • From: 4/29/2011 to: 5/1/2011
  • Number of sites held: 75 Sites are reserved, The camp ground said they can accept reservations starting now.
  • You must be a HOC member to reserve a site,
  • The non members may attend if there are any openings after February 7, 2011
  • Site fee: See comments below
  • Club Member Event fee: $0
  • Non-Club Member Event Fee: The Non Heartland Owners Club fee for this rally will be $20.00, if you join while at the rally this fee will be waved.
  • Potluck: Friday night, see Deb Funderburg(boattofiver) for details.
  • Event Leader: davebennington(click to contact)
Additional Info:
The KOA will open registration as of today. for HOC members, After February 7, 2011 Non Club members may register if there is room left.

We have 2 sections reserved. Both sections have 30 and 50 amp service. There are sites that are called super sites they are limited, if you wish to be in one of these sites register early. Some of the sites are pull thru and some are back ins.

The contact person(s) for reservations at the KOA office are Gayle or Debbie.
The reservation number is: 1-800-562-7784 or 1-828-497-9711.
To be sure that you will be sited with the group tell the person you are with the Heartland Group.

Prices are as follows:
Super Site 50 Amp: $55.35 tax included.
The next group of sites are 50 Amp: $52.16 Tax included.
The last group is the 30 Amp sites: $ 39.45 Tax included.

Special note for the folks that like to arrive early and or stay later then the official rally dates the KOA will honor the rally rates for the length of your stay.

Available tours at Cherokee, KOA are:

Wildwater river rafting

Oconaluftee Indian Village

Tubing the Raven Fork river

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Santa Land

Smokemont Stables Horse back riding

Unto this Hill Drama

Attendees and site Number:

Hudson Hendran.........Site 156
George Polaeck..........Site 177
Howard Burnette........Site 006
Dale Heuer................Site 161
Donald Massengill.......Site 181
Richard Hazel,,,,,,,,,...Site 282
Henry Vogt...............Site 178
Eric van Opstal..........Site 193
Betty Dougherty........Site 194
Thomas Steib............Ste 175
Larry Bandstra...........Site 200
Troy Phillips ..............Site 284
Hampton Hill..............Site 274
Darrell Meredith .........Site 139
John Goddard.............Site 140
Eric Grubaugh............Site 195
Byrd Mathis...............Site 198
Gus Funderburg..........Site 180
Terry Deal.................Site 199
Jim Beletti.................Site 145
David Yocum.............Site 126
RVs4Less..................Sites 211,212,213

This is a brief insight as to what is going to happen at the Eastern Regional Rally.

Day 1 -Friday - Potluck dinner, meet agd greet everyone.

Day 2 - Saturday - catered Breakfast (sponsored by Heartland)
seminar 1 at 10:00am
lunch on your own
seminar 2 at 1:00pm
seminar 3 at 2:00pm

At 4:00pm special event weather permitting.
6:00pm catered dinner (sponsored by Heartland) followed by dancing
with music provided by a popular local band.

Day 3 - Sunday - [FONT=&quot]catered farewell breakfast will be at the meeting hall for all
[FONT=&quot]those who would like to come and say good bye to your friends.

[/FONT] Just another reminder if you have not sent me you t-shirt size and you want a Cherokee rally shirt send me an E-mail or PM. The cutoff date to ordering shirts is 4/1/2011.


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Southeast Region Director-Retired
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Well shucks - that's just a hoot an'a holler over the hill from us. Have to put in on the calendar.


Past South Carolina Chapter Leader
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Hoot an'a holler? Is that Tennesee talk for "over yonder"? :D

Hopefully we will still be in the area by then Dave. If we are you know we will be there.


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Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Byrd - when we move to TN in 2011 ("the plan"), I will need to take voice lessons from you :)

Dave - I have put it on my calendar. We are hoping to make it and as Byrd would say, it's not but a hoot an'a holler (or two) from Crossville so we can check-in on the retirement property during the same trip.



Past North Carolina Chapter Leader
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

We will be there.Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise!


Past Heartland Ambassador
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Would love to be there, but our Son gets married in Vegas on May 2nd...maybe the next year!!


New Jersey Chapter Leader-retired
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Jim believe me, you will pick it up easy enough when you make all those southern friends..

Once you start RVing with Heartland, our kids should only be allowed to have January weddings.

It is a great place to take your Harley in a Cyclone!

Well, we go to Maggie Valley every year with our Harley group and Cherokee is south of there.

You just have to remember to check your routes very carefully as the roads are very hilly and
lots of turns..

Cherokee is a town we pass through from Maggie Valley to get to the famous road called The Dragon.. . It is only fun in a car, truck or Motorcycle`IMHO. The Dragon is known for its' 318 curves in 11 miles! We got stuck up there one fall night in the truck during a major storm. Duane can tell the story..

I know that Duane and I got into a pickle just pulling our Harley trailer.
I am sure plenty of folks can get us all there easily..

I Will go mark our calendars now for the 2012 Eastern Regional Rally.


Southeast Region Director-Retired
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

iforget - don't you mean to mark your calendar for 2011 ERR?

Phil Smith

Retired South Carolina Chapter Leader
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

I'll plan on being there too as well as long as SouthernNights and TRDeal are there to help me make trailer repairs. Thanks agin Terry and Larry for the help this weekend at 4Pawskingdom! No suspension issues on the ride home. Good seeing y'all as well as davebennington!


Past South Carolina Chapter Leader
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Glad to see you and Becky made it home ok.

Pepper thanks you for the bacon!

Flying Dutchman

Virginia Chapter Leaders - Retired
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Well, ...... there goes all hope of curing this addiction in 2011. First I had to schedule the National Rally in Goshen scheduled for mid June. Then along comes the PA chapter leaders with a PA rally the weekend before leading up to the National Rally. Now we are adding the Eastern Region Rally. What's next??? North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, oh, I heard Georgia as well!!! Before I know it, spinning completely and recklessly out of control, we will have to go to Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, California, and someone else is talking about a trip to Alaska!!!!!!!!!

Oh I REALLY LOVE IT!!! Oh yeah, the rally-aholic meetings will have to continue. Is there any hope?


Past North Carolina Chapter Leader
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Glad to help you out Phil, but I was just the jack man. Larry is the one that did all the dirty work. Glad you made it home safely.It was very good to see you and Becky this weekend and Larry and Sam. too. We will have to do it again real soon.


New Jersey Chapter Leader-retired
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

iforget - don't you mean to mark your calendar for 2011 ERR?
Yep Byrd that is just what I mean!! 2011 not 2012.. I guess that was like trying to be a yr. older than I am.

They dont call me Iforget for nothing.. will you be my social reminder.. So many groups and dates as you can see, i should also be called "Im confused easily"
thanks Byrd...


New Jersey Chapter Leader-retired
Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Very Well put Eric and Dorothy!! I am having anxiety over your post already!
If they back them all up, we could be gone for months! I am not saying it is a bad thing but...
Looks like selective commitments will have to be made if that happens.

Clearly it would be difficult to choose as the more Rallies we attend with Heartland, the more great friends we make.
Who do we leave out? Oh my oh my..
I will let Duane make the decisions and I will follow..being that he is not retired yet. He gets to select his vacations before the next year which is great for those who like to plan ahead.
I personally like to have a few commitments scattered over the season and then have the ablility to throw in a few more fun weekends.
This make me think of our daughters's comment "When are you going to stop camping with all your friends and find time to visit us in London, Mom?"


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Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally


Can't let WV be represented by only two souls. Tho I'm sure the Goddards could handle anything thrown their way.......count the hillsonwheels in for the Cherokee rally as well!


Re: 2011 Eastern Region Rally

Just emailed Mark to "mark" it on his calendar. I suppose you can add "social director" to his many talents. What would I do without him?
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