EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: TX, Montgomery - 4/1/2020 to 4/5/2020

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Texas-South Chapter Leaders

Due to circumstances that are beyond our control, the rally has been cancelled due to the KOA corporation closing all of their venue halls, meeting rooms and cabins until at least the 20th of April.

  • Lake Conroe/Houston North KOA
  • 19785 Highway 105 West
  • Montgomery, TX 77356
  • N/A 936 582-1200
  • https://koa.com/campgrounds/lake-conroe/
  • Pets ok?: Yes
  • Golf carts allowed?: Yes
  • Golf Cart restrictions?: N/A
  • Golf Cart fees?: N/A

  • From: 4/1/2020 to: 4/5/2020
  • Number of sites held: 60
  • Register by end of day 3/1/2020
  • Site fee: $32 per night.
  • Club Member Event fee: TBD
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee: No SOBs
  • Potluck: No
  • Potluck date:
  • Potluck time: N/A


General Info:
We have chosen an outstanding venue for this rally, the Montgomery Texas KOA. This is a large RV park with a large hall for our use. The weather in Texas should be good at this time of the year. There are plenty of outside activities to do in and around the Montgomery area.

The rally will begin on Wednesday April 1st and end on Sunday April 5th but we urge everyone to come in early to take advantage of both the weather and the area. We have been thrown a curve ball by the KOA, in that they have lost their huge ballroom. Due to this, we are limited to 60 sites (120 attendees, the capacity of the Magnolia room). We are using this park due to the proximity to our sponsor T & S RV’s in Navasota.

I am glad and sad to announce our rally for 2020. I am glad for it because of the location and the venue itself and sad because Stella and I have decided to retire from our leadership position with the club at the end of the year.

Rally T-Shirt Ordering Information at this link.

Things to do in/around Montgomery Texas
Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuaryhttps://saintfranciswolfsanctuary.orgleft msg. 9/13
Fernland Historical Park & Museumhttp://www.montgomerytexas.com/fernland_park/
Old Ironworks Car Museum15030 Liberty St. Montgomery Tx.
Cork This Wineryhttps://www.corkthiswinery.com/
Jenkins Sunshine Farmshttps://www.goodcleanlivin.com/
Heritage Museum of Montgomery County1506 north I-45 feeder
Blue Epiphany Vineyards400 Bryant Rd. Conroe Tx.
Bartlett’s Distillery1303 Beach Airport Rd. Conroe Tx.
Sam Houston Statue (father of Texas)Huntsville Tx. (34 miles)
Sam Houston Memorial Museum1836 Sam Houston Ave. Huntsville Tx.
Texas Prison Museum(32 miles)491 State Hwy. 75 no. Huntsville .H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum of Texas463 State Hwy. 75 no. Huntsville
Oakwood Cemetery (Sam Houston grave, etc.)9th St. & Ave I Huntsville
Uptown Vintage in the Avenues (collectable shopping)1900 Normal Park Dr. Huntsville
The Woodlands Mall (large shopping mall)1201 Lake Woodlands dr. The WoodlandsTx.
Woodlands Waterway trolley(23 miles)1100 Lake Robbins Dr. The Woodlands
National Museum of Funeral History (36 miles)415 Barren Springs Dr. Houston Tx.
Old town Spring (shopping, eateries(30 miles)Spring Tx.
The Downtown Aquarium-410 Bagby Houston (52 miles)

Monday, March 30

Explore Area Attractions

Tuesday, Match 31

Explore Area Attractions

Wednesday, April 1

  • Minor Service work
To be completed on site in the park

Explore Area Attractions

Refreshments furnished by T& Rv's in the rally hall
DJ & Karaoke 7PM-10PM

Thursday, April 2

  • Minor Service work
    To be completed on site in the park

  • 9:00 AM-Frank's Breakfast Extravaganza-Rally Hall

  • 11:00 AM-3:00 PM-Nancy Beletti-Mary Kay Open House-site 234

We are very happy to announce that a spokesman for Heartland as well as Brand Managers and other representatives will be on site on Thursday and Friday to meet us and answer questions.

  • 6:00 PM-Meet and Greet-Rally Hall
Hot Dogs with all the trimmings, home made Texas chili
assorted pies and Blue Bell ice cream

The spokesman will also address us after the Meet and Greet on Thursday night, after it is over to give us an overview from Heartland corporate.

Friday, April 3

8:00 AM-Coffee & donuts in Rally Hall

  • 10:00 AM Travel to T & S RV's in Navasota
Grand Opening, Open House
Meet various Heartland employees including Brand Managers
Meal will be furnished Door Prizes

Saturday, April 4

  • 8:00 AM-Coffee & beignets in rally hall
  • 6:00 PM Rally Hall at park-McKenzie barbecue meal
Door prizes

Sunday, April 5

  • 8:00 AM-Coffee & donuts in rally hall

If service work is needed at the rally, please contact Brenda at 936 825-2357
Name - Member # - Heartland Brand-Arrival
1. Jay and Stella Coffman - 1017 - Landmark-3/23
2. Don and Vicky Smith - 3643 - Landmark-
3. Frank & Debbie Baker-cancelled
4. George Spier and Dolly - - Landmark-
5. Tripp and Ashley Warren-BHT-
6. John and Debi McVie -Bighorn
7. Terry and Carol Hershberger- Landmark-
8. Bill & DeAnna Haynes-cancelled
9. Jim and Lynn Dykes- Bighorn-
10. Dave Seabolt & Nancy Anderson-cancelled
11. Randy and Rhonda White-Landmark
12. Jason and Audra Moses-Bighorn
13. Andy and JoAnna Grimes-Big Country
14. Corbin and Flora Tayloe-Big Country
15. Mike and Edythe Kuhn-Big Country
16. Jerrod & Rhonda Jess-cancelled
17. Jan & Cathy Daniels-cancelled
18. Lin and Debbie Ballard-Landmark
19. Pat and Elaine Pool-Landmark
20. JJ and Caron Jean-Landmark
21. Mike and Peg Finegan & Molly-Landmark-
22. Phil and Cec Crowley-Big Country-
23. Tony and Erika Dorsey-Big Country-
24. Bubba and Julie Crawford-
25. Bill and Sue Coquillard-Landmark-
26. Craig and Tena Burton-Landmark
27. Richard and Clara McInnis-Bighorn-
28. Norman and Tammy Boyce-Cyclone-
29. Mike and Nancy Nilson-cancelled
30. Mark and Peggy Turnbough-Bighorn-
31. Orville and Barbara Wright-Bighorn-
32. Bob Curry & Trevor-Bighorn-
33. Larry and Gayle Kuykendal- Bighorn-
34. Gene (Bubba) and Carolyn Tice (Mallard)-
35. Dale and Wanda Crenshaw-
36. Dave & Terry Erickson
37. Gene and Molly Coker-Landmark
38. Randy and Cindy Zavodny-Landmark
39. Bob Anderson-Big Country
40. James and Liane Barker-Landmark
41. Jim and Nancy Beletti-Sundance
42. Eric and Barbara Long-BHT
43. Patty Greeves and Bobbie Kerns-Mallard
44. Kevin and Nelly Wolbeck-Landmark
45. Keith and Betty Orlopp-Landmark
46. David and Kathy Tyler-Bighorn
47. Ed and Susan Potts-Landmark
48. Tim and Beckey Sacrey-Bighorn
49. Todd and Paula Ostrum-Landmark
50. Orrin and Jocelyn Nelson-Road Warrior
51. Derald and Sue Keetch-Landmark
52. David and Nicole Hebert-Gateway
53. Jim and Elaine Ownby-Cyclone
54. Tom and Debbie Fouts-Landmark
55. Roy and Debbie Allen-Sundance
56. Wayne Sebastian-
57. Eddie and Jomaye Schmidt-cancelled
58. David and Diana Barnhill-Torque
59. William Brown-Bighorn
60. Scott and Kaylee Lard-Cyclone
61. Gus & Debra Funderburg-cancelled
62. John Bell and Aletha Jeter-Bighorn
63. Tim Egenes
64. Kinney Granger
65. Roger Bruce
66. Christie and Arin Robertson
67. Sarah and Stew Sadler
68. Adam and Margaret Loucks
69. Chris and Angel Vaughn
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Jay, you can put us down to be there. Looking forward to it, wouldn't miss it for world!

- - - Updated - - -

Jay, you can put us down to be there. Looking forward to it, wouldn't miss it for world!

Is it to early to call the park to reserve or can we do that now?


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Don and Vicky, it's gonna be a fun time! Looking forward to it.

I just got the contract for the park, so we'll have to wait to sign up. I'll make another post when we can start calling.

'Lil Guy'

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I'll post back with confirmation but put Debbie and I down for this one. Can we do our Friday morning Breakfast Extravaganza for this one? The Tiki Bar and Margaritaville will definitely be there. later and have a great day.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Frank, I'll add you and Debbie to the list.

Yes, we can absolutely do the breakfast extravaganza on Friday!


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Jay, since you seem to be letting the Smiths and Bakers attend, I was wondering if Dolly and I can come too?


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
I suppose we can let you in George, but only if Dolly is there.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Okay, it's official now. Signup can begin on Monday. I signed the contract for 60 spaces with a cut-off date of March 1.


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Well, if Frank's going to do his breakfast extravaganza Peggy, Molly and I will have to be there to do the sausage gravy. Don't know the date yet, but we will be attending.


Active Member
Please sign up Don And Lynette Armour 2017 bighorn. Do we need to contact the park as we are presently at the park. Thx.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Don and Lynette, I added you to the list, looking forward to meeting you. Yes, go ahead and register now since you're already there.


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Jay, would you please sign up Debi & John (Jmac) Mac Vie for this rally? We’ll plan to arrive 3/30 and leave 4/6. Can we call the RV park now or is this too early?


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Debi, you can try to make your reservations but I'm being told that they are not set up yet. I'm not sure what the problem is, I called today and the lady that does the rallies is out and will be back tomorrow. Glad to sign you up!

Terry H

Past Texas North Chapter Leader/Moderator
Staff member

Carol and I will be attending. Arriving March 31, 2020 and Departing April 26, 2020. Reservations pending, waiting for a return call from KOA.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Terry, don't be surprised if there is a delay in getting you signed up. There was a computer problem at the park and I'm not sure if it's been corrected yet. I'll add you to the list.

Terry H

Past Texas North Chapter Leader/Moderator
Staff member
They estimated it would be about two weeks before it will be set up for the rally reservations.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
After trying every day last week, I finally got in touch with Susain at the KOA. She said that there is STILL a problem with their system and should be done sometime today. Let's hope so!


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
I got a call that all is well with their computer and they can begin to add everyone, so start registering!
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