F350 diesel excessive smoke soot


Hello I have a 2015 f350 srw with 180,000 miles that had bad def pump and heater and dpf regenerating about every 50-75 miles. Was told besides replacing def pum/heater assembly that I would also have to replace the dpf assembly. Way too much money as retired full timer on a fixed income. So had dpf deleted and new act gtx tuner ignored def and kept egr closed. Problem is I think excess smoke/soot compared to other deleted trucks or older ones that didn’t have that filter. The tunes are no power, tow, street and extreme. Is the tuner tunes wrong?I get better mpg not towing and smokes in all 4 settings. Towing 2019 big country 3560SS gvcr about 16,000 #. Only have run in no power and tow getting soot all over the Rv


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All deleted trucks will smoke, regardless of the power setting. The DPF, Deisel Particulate Filter, catches and burns off any soot.
DEF has nothing to do with the DPF, it is injected ahead of the NOx Filter, The DEF sets off a chemical reaction that converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen


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I had a 2008 Ram 3500 after doing the delete, I used the Banks model and tuned to get better MPG. It would smoke when I gave it throttle at high end. But that truck was a 6 speed standard and did not use DEF at that time. It had issues with the Regen process and Ram actually replaced the particle filter 4 times before they sent me a check with instructions about removing the DPF system and installing a Banks.
But I traded it in on the 2017 Ram in August 2017. When I traded it in it had 280,000+ miles and was sold within 2 weeks at the dealership.