Fall 2010 New Jersey Chapter Newsletter


NE Reg Dir Retired
As we begin to wind down for the winter John and I would like to thank everyone for everything! So many people have played a part in a successful first year for the NJ Chapter and we appreciate everyone's help. We will begin traveling to local RV Show's beginning with the Atlantic City Show in November where we will continue to spread the news of the Owners Club to everyone we meet! Until we see you again here is the Fall 2010 Newsletter to keep you up to date. Enjoy!


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Hey Deb, Nice job on the Newsletter!!! Looking forward to the 2011 NJ Rally. Had the new tires put on the Horn today and we are leaving for Ocean Lakes in MB on Monday.:)


Past North Carolina Chapter Leader
Nice job John and Deb.Looking forward to a new rally season coming soon.


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Great Job M&D, see you Sat. we will leave a little after noon, should be there by 2.


NE Reg Dir Retired
Thanks Bill. That's a "we" so I assume I'll get to see my mama! I miss my mommy! Can't wait.


Southeast Region Director-Retired
Nice job Debbie on the newsletter. How about doing a class 101 - Setting up a Newsletter. Fantastic job.