Fantastic Fan Lid Works Backwards


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Had some small recent problems with the bedroom roof fan. Spraying contact cleaner on fuse and fuse holder fixed it. Nothing done to wiring or electronics. Now lid keeps wanting to open when thermostat turned off.
Anybody else seen this?


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Well, I got the fan system working normally again after tweaking the thermostat mechanism. Exactly how this works is a bit of a mystery to me, but it seems that the small magnet in the black plastic shell attracting the thermostat bimetallic clockspring has something to do with proper operation. The electrical contact at the top of the clockspring seems to be free floating away from the spring, and making a tilted contact from sliding the temperature selector arm being moved to the right. Somehow this tilted contact seemed to start the fan opening process correctly.

Anyways, it works again.


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Many many moons ago I had a problem with a Fantastic Vent, I don't recall what the problem was, but I do recall having been told by them that I should clean that thermostat and the contacts using alcohol and Q-tips.
So you might try that or some plastic friendly contact cleaner.