Fantastic fan vent cover.


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I need to put a cover over the fantastic fan on my landmark. Any recommendations? Would like for it to last a long time. Any feedback is welcome
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I used their vent cover. Works perfectly. It allows the vent open all the way. Others may not. What difference does it make beats me,but ............


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get the smoked or black. they hold up better than white in the sun. have had smoked covers for over 10 years never had one come apart. white ones lasted about 2 or 3 years max


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Same brand cover here as well (Fan task).I installed white covers on our '06 Cedar Creek and when we sold it in '17, still had orig covers on, so I don't buy the dark colored theory holds up better than white ones. Plus, white reflects sun better and not as heat absorbent.


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I have had the same white cover on two different trailers for several years ( transferred from old to new ) and no failures yet. Do the smoke ones last longer? Maybe.