First trip out with new Camper


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We were a bit anxious and nervous at the same time. We had a lot of time inside due to the rain so we noticed more things than we normally would. Half of the MCD shades were installed so they were on the outside of the side curtains causing them not to work correctly. I had to take down the valences and preposition the curtain material. Once re-installed this made the curtains longer so they do not look as nice (look flimsy and not tight). I can either move the "L" bracket that holds the bottom to the wall or sew them tighter. I tried aligning most of the cabinet doors but they still hit each other and the drawers in the bedroom do not close all the way. The weight for the kitchen faucet that pulls it back into the holder was installed incorrectly not allowing it to retract. There was a lot more movement then I expected having the 6pt leveling. When we first opened the slides we noticed a lot of black rubber shavings on the floor. It was coming from the seal under the slide. It will need to be replaced. Overall not bad considering some of the horror stories. Most issues are attention to detail during the manufacturing.

I didn't think I would use the chairs with the heat and massage but I kind of like them now. My wife loves them. For our first camper and first trip it wasn't too bad we just wish it didn't rain.


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SoI suppose it was a good thing it was raining or you may have not noticed the glitches until much later. Had our Pioneer since last Sept. and still noticing areas I need to tweak. Enjoy!