First Trip Out


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First trip out and all was good. Went to Pismo Sand RV Park in Oceano, CA. It is about one mile from Pismo Beach. We had 70* plus weather. The best part is everything in the trailer worked. Just need to repack and go on trip number two.


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Never forget our first trip. Stayed close to home at a local campground. Had a great time, our first RV, everything was so new & exiciting! Best thing was we had AC, fridge, and soft bed...we had always tent camped.


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Scott & Roxan,

Congrats and so glad you had a very enjoyable maiden voyage! I must admit I am a bit envious of your temperatures and ability to camp in December!

As Jim B says, "keep making the memories"!


Can hardly wait for our first trip in the process of buying a 33 qs can hardly wait a bit nervous though about pulling this rig but sure it we be ok looks like a great place you went to best of luck on trip no 2


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Rig looks great! Weather looks great! Glad to hear everything went well and worked. Hope you enjoy.