Follow up on hail damage to roof.


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Had bad hail damage to our roof, on our 2017 big Country 3450. Just picked up the rig and here is the NEW roof. See photo, my heart sank when i saw it. We live full time in it, and this took 17 days, and now a brand new roof has to be taken off and redone. What a mess. there are also other things they did not do right.


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Yes, They said they will make it right??? We had to take the Rv with us as it is all we live in, also did not sign the insurance check.


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Have you by chance considered Flex Armor? CRS setting in this morning, but a member here had theirs done and looked fantastic. Takes a few days to do, but well worth it. Think it won't buckle under hail.


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I would never replace a roof with a rubber roof again just had Rv Roof Alanta but a flex armor roof on my big horn did a fantastic job


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Consider a FlexArmor, NOT RV Armor. They are not the same thing.

FlexArmor has to be taken to a certified installer, who will remove the roof items, fix any issues, then spray the mixture on, paint, reinstall items — all in 3 days (2 nights).

But it will likely never be damaged by hail again!!! Lifetime guarantee against leaks!

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Thanks for all the replys, have a meeting with them on Friday. It's not just the roof, they never took off the gutter rails, just stuffed the material in as far as they could and chaulk it. also the new shoulder metal, was not bent right and they messes up the back end of the rig. The biggest though is that in checking the roof ,they only butted the new 1/4 inch luan to the shoulder metal on the other side, it does not go over the new luan. What a mess


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