For me??!!! My new truck...again.


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This is a copy of VA Form 21-4502. This will get you $11,000 payment on the vehicle of your dreams. Catch is you have to lose a hand or a foot, or a combination of both. There are other problems that are also allowed this benefit. This form must be sent to the VA and approved prior to attempting to use it. You cannot go buy a truck and then you and the dealer fill it out for processing. You get the green bolt. The VA is a papermill...and you are responsible for the feeding of it.

I used this form to get my new truck. One of the things that I ran up on while going on this little journey was a reluctance of two dealerships in Norfolk to accept it. This was after they said, "VA Voucher? No Problem...we wanna sell you a truck"

If you are going to use this form as your down payment, you should REALLY insure that they understand:

1. Once it's signed You get the keys. Getting the $$$ from the VA is between the dealer and the VA. You might make a couple of calls for them to assist....BUT, DO NOT LET THE DEALERSHIP...try to get you to pay $11,000 cash or just finance it and then *YOU* get the money from the VA. It don't work like that.

This paper gets you the truck and a small number of add-ons that can be paid for in addition to the $11K. More on this later. The dealership needs to understand that it may take them 6 to 8 weeks to get their money. It all depends on which Regional VA Office you are using. So, if they want to sell you a vehicle, this is how it's gonna debate.

2. DO NOT let the dealer coerce, cajole, threaten, implore, break out in tears or in any other way make you sign this until you get the truck. Should they tell you they are a small dealership and cannot wait a long time getting their money...and if you'd just sign this now, they could get a jump on getting their money. I don't care if they promise you to GIVE you a second car along with the not sign that paper until you have the keys in your hand. Again, I don't care if it's your brother selling the car to you....don't sign the paper until AFTER you get the truck. Any dealership that is panting about $11,000....maybe should not be in the new car business. Especially, when the cost of the vehicle is in the $50,000 range.

Here's why:

Read Section III pertaining to your statement:

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the automobile or other conveyance with the adaptive equipment specified on attached invoice.



PENALTY: The law provides severe penalties, which include fine or imprisonment or both, for the willful submission of any statement or evidence of a material fact, knowing it to be false, or for the fraudulent acceptance of any payment to which you are not entitled.

So, if you sign and date it in any manner not in accordance with the USC Code, you can be in deep trouble. Like going to jail for fraud, or perjury or...whatever they care to lay upon your body.

Finally, if the dealer is a sharpy and knows how to read this form he can convince you that he can install all the adaptive devices. He'll want you to have the stuff installed in his shop and he'll take care of all the paperwork. Au contrare, Senor...The form says the dealer can install the equipment and submit a bill to the VA for the costs. (Ever heard of a Workman's Lien??) Yep.

Along with this approved form. you will receive other papers/information that very clearly defines what the dealer can install as part of this transaction. See figures 2 and 3. And, it's only a very, very few things. Just enough to get you home...anymore gets you in trouble.

AFTER you obtain the vehicle, you will have to get a referral to Physical Therapy. They will schedule you to see their TESTER. No, you're not going to have to take a drivers test...his job is to watch you drive and see what you need to get around in the car better. This may be a lift for a wheelchair, a swivelbase for your seat...there are a bunch of things that the VA can provide to make your life easier. But, they have to determine what you need. Should you decide you need something and they can't be convinced of prepared to pay.

The dealer quoted me a price of over $12,000 for the installation of my add-ons. Mr Mumford, at the VA, nearly had a stroke when I told him. His greatest concern was that I had not started the work. If I had, I would have been responsible for the entire amount of the work done. Period. No appeals, no overide...just be prepared to pay out of your own pocket. Convinced me.



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Lefty, does the loss of a hand or foot have to be service related? I know of an Air Force vet that lost both legs as a spectator at a drag race track.


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Lefty, does the loss of a hand or foot have to be service related? I know of an Air Force vet that lost both legs as a spectator at a drag race track.

Probably not, but if he's unemployable and below a certain income level he should be able to get a military pension.

That's what that one is for, situations like this.

Don't forget social security...that's what SSDI is for too.

Lemme know if I can be of any help. I've set up this email address for help


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Depending on your handicap, the VA will also reimburse you for accessories ALREADY installed on you new vehicle. The information is contained on your signed copy of VA Form 21-4502.

You have to stay on the VA to get it. However, a little effort got me another $3,800 CASH from the VA for my power steering, air conditioning, and a bunhc of other stuff that came installed as an option on a new truck.

All in all, the VA paid for $14,800 on the purchase my my truck! This is a one time deal...but, it's another benefit you earned. Use it.