Front AC thermostat location


Thinking about add a front AC to our 2020 Heartland pioneer P1251. I will install an exact match to the rear AC.
when I opened the area for the AC I found the 110v wiring and the low voltage thermostat wire. All well and good so far. The 110v is no problem but the thermostat wire disappears towards the bedroom wall. The rear AC thermostat is wall mounted at the top of the stairs neat the bathroom door.
I have searched everywhere but cannot locate where the wire terminates. The dealer here is less than helpful and the factory has not returned any of my calls.
our 5th wheel is a 29 footer that was only manufactured for two years.


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I don't have your model, but the front layout is similar other than the bathrooms are on opposite walls. The front bedroom t-stat on my unit is mounted on the bathroom wall, closer to the exterior wall, in the bedroom.

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On our Road Warrior the thermostat is mounted on the cabinets next to the bed. This way you can operate it without getting out of bed at night, try around there.