Front cap separating from roof


Hi all - I recently purchased a 2013 Heartland Torque TQ271. This camper looked to be a in pretty decent condition and showed no major issues during inspection. About two months later and after a storm with some high winds and heavy rain I noticed the front cap had pulled away from where it meets the roof, leaving quite a bit of water damage to the front cap. Problem is, insurance is denying the claim and they are citing a manufacturers defect. You can clearly see the front cap board did not extend far enough to meet the roof line. The screws in the trim piece that hold it together never even touched or went through the front cap board. Meaning the front cap was never truly secured where it met the roof. The ply board fell about a quarter to a half inch shy of where it should have joined the roof. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice or help on how to handle this? I now have a new to me camper that I’m paying for and is damaged to the point I cannot use it and insurance will not work with me. Help!!!


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It would be useful for us to see the damage. Posting pictures is always helpful.
In the meantime look for RV FLEX ARMOR. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST RV ROOF. They will make roof repairs and when they are done you have a lifetime warranty for leaks.

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Sorry to hear this. Front cap mounting problems aren't real common, but I think I've read one or two where the solution was longer screws. Don't know if that would help in your case. Although it may have been a manufacturing defect, a 2013 model would have been built 8 or 9 years ago. That's quite a long time for a manufacturing defect to appear. It's quite the unfortunate coincidence that after so long, this particular defect would show up 2 months after you bought the trailer.

If there's no indication of water damage to the structure underneath the cap, you may be able to simply secure it back in place, or have someone do that for you. Based on your description, you might need a little additional wood. But if the problem has actually been there for a long time, you're likely to find rotting wood that'll have to be replaced. If you're handy, get some help taking the cap off and fix whatever needs to be done to the underlying wood. If not, you'll have to pay someone to deal with it. You might call around for mobile servicers who can help. Or, if you secure the cap with Eternabond tape, you can probably tow it safely to a repair shop.

You might call Heartland Customer Service but it's very unusual for any accommodation to be made for second owners, or for a trailer this long out of warranty. But phone calls are cheap. Call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030. Have your VIN # ready.