Full-timing with diabetes


We are considering full-timing, but I am on an insulin pump and Medicare requires that I see a doctor every 90 days in order to get my pump, insulin and supplies paid for. Does anyone out there have this same scenario? If so, how do you handle it? We would be near my primary care doctor all year, except for the winter months when we would like to spend time in a warmer climate in Texas with our son. We would love to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with him.

Any help will be greatly appreciated....Betty


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Seems like you could arrange to be in NM every 90 days, or get another doctor in Texas. Don't know why you could not have two doctors, one in Texas and another wherever.


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Been on the pump for 12 years but do not full time. Call your supplier and ask them the question. I think that you can have more then one doctor for a case like yours. I would call ahead to locate a endo that would be willing to work with you..........Don