Fulltiming and Insurance


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Effective today - I just saved over $5000/year on my vehicle insurance...and it wasn't from Geico! :D

Most fulltimers will undoubtedly already be aware of this. For those of you who are considering fulltiming - it can really pay! We are transferring our home base to South Dakota from Oklahoma.
  • My '09 Cyclone dropped from over $1300/yr to $796.
  • My '02 Harley dropped from $650/yr to $239.
  • My '03 Chevy dually, my wife's '02 Ford Escort, a daughter's '01 Dodge Stratus and another daughter's '04 Dodge Neon dropped from over $8000/yr to $3300.
My Harley is with Progressive, which is the same company I had in OK. All the other vehicles are now with National Interstate. That's the same company I've had for the Cyclone from day one. All the other automobiles had been through Travelers Insurance in OK. My agent is RV America.

Talk about a Happy Camper! :D:cool:


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Same here HT...

We also use RV America... and we've been real pleased with the results of the insurance. I also added the towing option which runs us $ 50.00 a year... it's a rider to the policy by Continental Car Club. I couldn't beat the price of insurance or the decision to use South Dakota for our Home State location.

I looked into Florida as a choice... but their insurance rates for our needs would have been more... and their taxes are highter... It was nice to only pay 3% sales tax for our BigHorn and the Chevy dually.

Only small issue we will have... comes in 2010 when we will need to renew our drivers license. Based on our birthdays... they allow it to be renewed 180 Days before... but not more than 30 days after the birthday.. should it be over... a driving test is required. Our Target date to get it renewed is May 20, 2010... not the best time to be that far north... :)


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Hey Marv...we need to be there the last week of May into the first week of June so that we can both get our licenses too...maybe we can make it a group trip!!!

We just found that there's a nice ROD park right near Rapid City and Custer State park, etc...that's where we will be staying...let us know!!:D


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At the risk of sounding naive, how do you just change your home base that easy? Are you using a campground address as your permanent residence?


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I am new to RVing but being army res I use USAA in tx 2010 Eagle Ridge and 2008 Chrysler convertible is only 1700 year.if anyone is ret,active,reserve,etc I would suggest them.


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We use a company called My Home Address for our mail forwarding service.

Their Web Link> http://www.myhomeaddressinc.com/

They are one of several in the state one can chose to provide the mail forwarding service. Check out their web pages... they offer a number of useful services including obtaining License plates... I feel their rates are very good as well.

I'd shy away from using a campground address... but that's just me... I tend to want to be above board when my Uncle Sam Sends me our tax information.

It takes very little time to get all the necessary changes for Auto & Trailer Plates... Drivers Licsences... and Insurance. We had our address already lined up when we went full time... and the following spring we headed to Alaska... and our first stop was Sioux Falls for insurance and Drivers Licsences... then over to the County Court House for the title work and plates.... We were all done by 2:00 PM and on the road, heading to North Dakota. Like I said... the State makes it real simple to make the change. I just wished they would consider mail order driver license renewals.

Kathy, Sounds like a Road trip !!! :) We'd sure enjoy the company and we'd Love the area around Custer State Park. Lets make it happen !!!


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That's exactly right...that is our address...just have to add our individual box #! Have used this address for 4 years without issue. Remember, though, this is only legal if you do NOT have a legal residence elsewhere. You can own property...but you can't claim residency at that address.

Marv and Karen...it's a date!!! We'll have to stay in touch and work out the details as it gets closer...will you be at Rayford Crossing in October?


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Kathy...It's a Date !! :)

We'll be working our way west bound by late October but we've a stop at Cape Hatters for the Heartland Owners Virginia fall Rally. Our aim is to mosey along seeing some sites as we do... before making Texas for the winter. I've not selected a location for our Texas visit... instead I HOPE to be able to move about some... probably do month to month... much like what we did on our first year out.

Southern Nights, Your right... 411 N. 6 Street, (PMB #) Emery SD 57332 ... is home to us as well. My Home Address is a family run business with a few employee's to lend their helping hand to the ever growing number of customers. They will sort out the "Junk" mail at your request... they will check your mail, to let you know when you call if there is a special piece of mail in the mix... they can send it on "Demand" as we mostly have done... or regular schedule deliveries can be set up for those who are in one location for long stretches of time.

But it's my view... once you go full time... and line up much of your regular bills and bank statements... and insurance policies... to be Paperless... your mail is far less of a problem. We request deliveries every 2 or 3 weeks apart. Tell them which post office zip code to sent it too... they have it to us in 3 or 4 days time. Real Simple !


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"All the other vehicles are now with National Interstate"

I thought I was a happy camper too, until my claim .... still dealing with them after more than 2 months! Hope you never have to use them!

What's that old saying .... "You get what you pay for!"


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Hey guys,
Thanks for the help. We are seriously thinking about full timing in a few years or at least serious part timing. We are not sure yet. I am 51 and my wife is 55 (er..I mean 35) so we would like to start while we can still enjoy it.

If we full time, I do not want to own a house or any property. Or at least I dont think I do. It seems most people use either SD or Fl. for permanent address with benefits to both.

The other option is much simpler. Come back home for a few months, build a few houses and take off and come back when they are all sold and do it again.. At least that would keep a little income going.


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Hey Southern Nights, There are many folks who use Livingston, Texas as their address as well. They are what we call "paper Texans". They are members of the Escapees and use the Escapees mail forwarding service. They can even vote in POLK county Texas as that is their residence. For more information check out their webpage at www.escapees.com then click on the mail forwarding info