Fulltiming (No House) and Ca. DMV Registration


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Today I downloaded the DMV change of address form, as one of the final steps of my fulltiming transition. Due to health insurance and other services restrictions, I have opted to get a mailbox at a local UPS store, and have a credit card on file for them to forward me my mail when I phone them to do so. My only physical residence will be where my Bighorn is set up, normally a maximum of 3 weeks. The DMV form has a section for both "New or Correct Residence" and "New or Correct mailing Address". It also has a section for "Location of the Trailer Coach or Vessel". I will only have a California mailing address. I have done an internet search on this, and found no good and truthful answers posted. I could put in my son's residence address for the residence/location sections, but this would not be truthful.

Any other California licensed fulltimers out there? What did you do?


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I think some use Escapees for an address.

I need to have a Sacramento area location on my driver's license (at least) for my comprehensive Kaiser HMO coverage. I want to keep watching my Bay Area sports teams on Dish Network (especially the Oakland A's), and need a NorCal address for that.

I just paid $389 for my "Commercial" (by default) RAM 3500 pickup yearly registration. That wouldn't be bad to move, but I TRUTHFULLY plan to spend most of my fulltiming time in California, so I should conform to their registration requirements (and they should get the funds, not Texas or South Dakota).

I went to a DMV office yesterday, and got as far as the incoming screener person, who wanted me to leave sections of the form blank. i also stopped at a nearby CHP office and the officer on duty looked at the form, and had similar advice. I think I will submit the form along with a letter explaining my situation.

I had a Heartland friend from Oregon call me and try to help. he told me that when they were building a house in Oregon and lived in their RV, moving it frequently, they were in the same situation. I guess Oregon has a classification something like "RV Traveler" that you can get, but as mentioned above I am trying to do this in California within the law and existing forms.