Furion oven wont stay lit.


Hello. I have a 21 milestone and recently have been having issues getting the oven to light. I can get the pilot lit but no matter how long I hold the knob down it won't stay lit. I'm pretty sure it's the thermocoupler but. The real question is can that be replaced? I've read a few things saying I'd have to replace the whole oven. Id like to not do that if possible. Thanks in advance


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make sure the thermocoupler tip is close enough to the pilot flame. If it hasn't moved then it's the thermocoupler.


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When using our Furrion oven once it is lit I let it out then slowly turn the temp handle to get it to lite. Plus I need to leave the door open about 2-3 inches for a little bit of time to start to heat, after it gets so hot I can close the door.