Furnace stopped on 2022 Elkridge


2022 Eldridge 37B here. Furnace worked for a few days. Then nothing. No heat, no blower.
Couldn’t find furnace info in the manual. Called two dealers. One dealer said they didn’t have an opening for three months. The other dealer said they didn’t know what to do.
Surely there is something to troubleshoot?
Fuse, breaker, connector?


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starting point check the 12vdc fuses, look for a blown fuse. Some panels are not labeled correct that's why I'd check them all. Make sure you have LP gas flowing by turning on the stove top burners


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As already suggested. First check to make sure the furnace has 12 volt power and the LP gas is flowing. It that checks out and you have a Suburban heater, check in the Tools section of the Forum HERE and look at the Service and Training manual. There is a trouble shooting guide in the manual that may help. If you have an Atwood, the docunents are less robust.