Furrion Oven...New Look


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So my DW never uses the oven for anything except storage...she much rather use the stovetop, convection/microwave, air fryer, or we BBQ outside. When we sit in the galley easy chairs having our morning coffee, the scenery glancing thru the oven window has been pretttty painful to look at...for years.

The nesting of pots together was not sight-friendly to me as I have a moderate case of CDO...the pots sat crooked, handles sticking up in the air...just visually unappealing to me. Hanging dishtowels from the oven helped to hide the mess, but they never hit the top 10 list for either of us.

One boring, rainy day while boondocking last year, she did some colorings-between-the-lines with markers...we were planning to frame them and place here and there in the trailer. EUREKA...something cooler than pots and pans to look at!!

Pulled the outside glass off, cleaned, and installed one of her brighter colorings...used a backer-board to keep it pressed tight against the glass and now we have something better than those old pots and pans to ease the CDO...