Furrion Oven Won't Light


Hi all,

I looked at different posts on other people who had Furrion problems and found some useful information.

My issue has been that when I press down the igniter, the igniter continues to click and won't turn off. This is regardless if I hold it down for 15 seconds or a minute.

After reading about the Thermocoupler, I tried something else. I used a Butane torch to apply more heat to the thermocoupler and lo and behold, the stove lit. I then turned off the stove and quickly turned it back on again, and again, it worked. I waited five minutes and tried again, and it didn't work. So it must be something with the thermocoupler--which sits on top of the pilot light. I've read about people adjusting the thermocoupler; it seems anchored down pretty well, so I'm wondering what people have done and how close they put it to the pilot light (it seems like there are might be a system where the thermocoupler then turns off the igniter). Regardless, it's odd that applying the butane torch didn't work again (it's possible I didn't get it hot enough--it was red--but I also don't want to damage it).

I'm doubtful this has to do with propane as the stove is lighting fine. One odd thing though is that when I turned off the propane (I have a tank underneath the van), and turned it on a couple days later, it seemed like I had to go through the process again of getting the stove to light. One would think that not much would change in just turning off the propane (It would seem no air would be introduced, etc.) and then turning it on a couple days later.

I've attached two files that show the relative current positions of the thermocoupler, igniter, and pilot light (how they came installed).

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One prob we had/have is once it's lit. getting oven up to temp. Want to say that the prob was amount of gas in tank. If it's low, oven won't stay lit. Grrrrrrrrr.................