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If you have not seen the new Garmin nüvi that is available, you should go to the Garmin site & check it out. I purchased the 465T a month ago, and it has been great!

It runs in two modes - 'car' and 'truck.' In 'car' mode it operates like any other Garmin. You enter where you want to go, and it guides you there. Nothing special in that. If you have ever owned a Garmin and are pleased with its interface, touch screen, etc, you will like that aspect of this Garmin.

What differentiates it from other Garmin nüvi’s is its 'Truck' mode. You enter the specifics of your truck-trailer combo, such as width, height, length, weight, etc, and save the information. You can save more than one truck profile if you drive more than one vehicle or move more than one rig. Once on the road in 'Truck' mode, the interface provides routing to your destination that takes into account bridges, tunnels, overpasses, etc. that are in its database. If you decide to go off the beaten path, it flags hazard notifications and other important alerts.

One last note - it includes the NTTS database of truck stops, repair facilities, fuel, etc. It's always good to know where to get a fill-up, since the MSNdirect feed only provides gasoline stations, in addition to movie times, etc. A bonus with the 465T is Bluetooth for hands-free calling and the included lifetime NAVTEQ traffic alerts. If the route you are on becomes congested or a wreck is identified in the system, you will be re-routed along the next best available route for your trip. This was a lifesaver for my wife and I recently when the tunnel out of our area had a drain pump fail, causing water to backup in the tunnel. Traffic was stopped for hours. I had no idea until that evening why our route was rerouted, but thank goodness I took its advice and followed the revised route.

Well, I've lauded the 465T enough for today. I recommend going the Google Shopping or Amazon rout, and look for the best price available.

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I have had my eye on that 465T for a few month now, I'am waiting for the price to come down though. I had the Nuvi 750 sold it for the 855 because it has the new lane assist feature. I know that the 465T has that feature also, it really helps in complicated intersection when your pulling a 5th wheel.Let me know if you see a good price on the 465T because I want it. Last time I checked it was I think between 5 and 6 hundred dollars, I would like to get it for around 3 hundred. thats the only problem I have with the nuvi's it might take you through some compromising situations because it thinks your driving a car, not pulling a trailer, the end result it will get you where your going though, I want the 465 because it know your pulling a trailer. Thanks for the heads up.


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How does the Garmin T compare to the 465T?

I just bought the Garmin 765t great GPS , my son is a truck driver and the reports from truckers has been the pits. He told me before hand to stay away from the 465T till they get there act together. It has not lived up to truck routes like was expected and truckers are not buying them, since so many bad routings. If you do not need blue tooth the 755T is a great buy......Kenny

P.S this is a great company to buy from....good service and I don't own stock in them.....

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Yea, I think I will hold on to my Garmin 855 for a while, I just read the reviews on the 465t and the majority wasn't positive enough for me to go out and buy one yet. Sounds like they are heading in the right direction, they just need to tweek it with a few more software versions before I will buy. I will continue to keep my eye on it though.


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Garmin nuvi Comparisons

I do agree that Garmin needs to continue to refine the truck version - but it has not provided a bad route yet. As with any GPS, checking the route ahead of time to ensure (1) you get where you want to go safely and (2) you get to see the stops on the way you want to see is a must. Who whats to spend their entire vacation driving an endless highway that misses the biggest ball of twine in the western hemisphere?!?

The one feature that I miss from my previous Garmin is the ability to set voice prompts to "none" so all I would get is a tone as I approach turns. I like the voice in truck mode, but when I am driving my car around, a subtle "bong" is sufficient to know there is something to be noted on the GPS.

Why Garmin cannot take "best of breed" capabilities from all these GPS developments and roll them up in one device is beyond me. Maybe their development site os actually a bunch of isolated closets and the folks inside are not aloud out to talk to each other and compare notes...

Jim :cool:


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I also had my eye on the 465T, but couldn't wait till it came out, so I bought the WorldNav GPS for truckers. Let me just say I should have waited on the Garmin to come out instead of spending $600 on something that will have you going around in circles all day. All I use the GPS for is, miles to go, and time to destination.
I have noticed at Truck stops, they cannot keep the Garmin 465T in stock, they sell out as soon as they get them in.