Genturi exhaust extension to clear double bedroom slide

We have a Cyclone 4007 with the telescoping bedroom slides and the generator exhaust exits under those slides. I've searched and searched and haven't found anything regarding someone who has successfully extended the exhaust in order to attach a Genturi. Has anyone done such? I've read all of the opinions and thoughts on back pressure, etc so I'm really wanting to hear from someone who has actually done it. I know a few Heartland models use the same slide setup so it doesn't have to be an exact model match. We were at Oshkosh boondocking last week and if the wind died down the CO2 sensor I added to the head of the bed would go off so I'd like to get something fixed before boondocking again in the next few weeks.


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I did it by adding a piece of straight pipe to extend generator exhaust just past the slide then added the genturi kit to it, used suction cups to hold it up past the roof, I've only needed to use it one time, but it worked fine.


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I had to reroute my exhaust from my generator on my Cyclone as well. I just took it to a exhaust shop and they shortened it and now it comes out just in front of my bedroom slide and I hook a Genturi right to it no problem. From the factory it was blowing right up into my slide out in my bedroom. No idea why they would do that. Uh, heat rises...


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When I installed our generator, I ran my exhaust all the way to the rear of the trailer, as far as possible from the sleeping are of the bedroom, and use a Gen-Turie to get above the roof line.