Glitzy Dining Room Area


My Bighorn is permanently sited in Florida so this modification would not work for those traveling down the road. I was fed up with the frumpy, screwed-down, wooden dining room table with the wooden/dull fabric chairs. That arrangement took up so much room next to the theatre seats so removed all and went very very personal. It makes this area seem more expansive and bright. This surely is not your run-of-the-mill modification.

1. Replaced round ceiling light fixture covering with glass crystal one.
2. Stapled sequin fabric onto the valences. Didn't have to remove them so very easy.
3. Glass and chrome dining room table; 48" x 27"
4. Table runner
5. Silver Sage ottomans with storage are the perfect height for eating at the table; also table is very easily movable to the corner to leave more room near the theatre seating
6. Mosaic shells wall panel screwed into window frame.

Now to tear out the carpet in the slide out and replace with vinyl planking strips with adhesive backing; 36" X 4" greyish color that matches close enough to the standard vinyl linoleum.
Bighorn dining table & 2 chairs.jpgGlitzy Dining Room Modification.jpg


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You're off to a great start! Thanks for sharing and consider adding your future mods/changes to this thread so we can keep up with what you're up to.

'Lil Guy'

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I agree with the thought of getting rid of the carpet, however, that pic sure does look nice and cozy with the brown carpet down. Looks nice. Love to look at peoples mods and personalization of their rigs so keep us posted with your future mods.