Glow Step Revolution Steps


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Just installed them this past w/e by myself. Wasn't a too bad of a job overall, but did run into a hiccup. Ours replaced the Lippert 4 step alum fold out ones and getting to the nuts was a bit of a pain, but "got 'em". Tho I had a floor jack and wood underneath them, things didn't go exactly as planned when they came down. Read....CRASH !!!! LOL. All is well tho. The GSR comes apart for 1 person install which makes real easy. Probly the hardest part was holding onto the frame of steps while getting the 1st bolt in. Mind you, shims were sent w/ steps as the steps were narrower than frame. Had to make sure they were where they needed to be as there was no removing them once in place. They have some really GOOD sticky tape on them!!!!! Things were going well until last bolt. Too long as it was hitting some kind of material/plastic. UGH! Off to box store and luckily found a shorter SS bolt. Even w/ the shorter one was still a tad too long, so added some SS washers (main steps and shims both came w/ their own sets of SS hardware), so was able to "scarf" up washers from the steps to add to bolt. Re-attached the steps to frame and WOOLA !!!! Yes they are stiffer to pull/push in/out, but they seem to do the job well as the coach is pretty high/level. 1st trip w/ them is coming up, so will let ya all know how things go.
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We love the Glow Steps we installed on our Cyclone. So much more stable than the original steps. And the dogs love them too! They were always hesitant on the original "bouncy" steps, but they run right up and down the Glow Steps.


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“Stiffer”… as the nuts are all nylon locking nuts, you can loosen them just a quarter turn to make the steps fold/unfold easier. Too far then the steps become unmanageably too loose. Just saying. LOL!

Too you’ll find silicone spray is your friend


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I installed the the Glowsteps last year as well.They will loosen up as you use them,best Mod To my unit.Great steps and customer service if you need any assistance.


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I too have the glo step and love the quality. Best rv folding stairs on the market.

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I’ll chime in too, I was an early adopter in 2016, and we love love love these steps! They’ve held up extremely well in 5 years of full-time use! Only maintenance is silicone spray, seems like they need it about once a year.

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We've had ours for a couple of years now and absolutely love them. My only regret is that I didn' get them sooner. I agree with Erika Dorsey, a shot of silicone about once a year and that's it


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We too have had these steps installed on our Big Country for a little over 5 years. I love them and have had to do nothing but spray them with a little silicone. One of the most dependable upgrades I have done.