Got Rally Withdrawal?


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If you are itching to go to a rally, check the Camp-Out section of the Events tab.

Many of the Chapter Leaders who had scheduled rallies canceled have chosen to hold a camp-out at the same location, so the canceled rally thread has been moved to the Camp-Outs section.

Some camp-outs are tentative because the state may not have opened the campgrounds yet, but keep checking back.

Look at Post One of the Camp-Out thread for the details and then check the most recent posts for what's happening now.


Pennsylvania Chapter Leaders-retired
Whats the difference between a camp-out and a rally?

A camp out is just an opportunity to hang out with fellow campers that would likely also attend a rally. Unlike a rally there is no behind the scenes support by Heartland, no organized group activities, no door prizes/entertainment. Under better times there could be a potluck or gathering(s) around the campfire, today, who knows.
We’re attending a camp out this weekend for the PA chapter as most, if not all of us, kept our reservations for what was to be a rally. It’ll be good to see our friends in person instead of this virtual BS. We’ll see how it goes

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More than half of the Pacific Region Rally attendees have chosen to keep their reservations and we will have a fun camp out instead!! We are looking forward to catch up and see everyone!

Rod & Kelly

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