GT 2.0 will not display pictures from SD card properly


Each picture takes a minute to load and then displays on the TV for just a couple of seconds until the next picture starts to load. And the pictures are in black and white. So the end result is I am looking at a blank screen for a minute and then a black and white picture appears for two seconds.

The SD card is 4GB FAT32

On the TV I have tried changing the AV Input from ColorStream HD to Video, but it made no difference.



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From the Genesis 2.0 manual:

To view, navigate and select between music and video/photo media the TV or Monitor must be on and set to AV mode.

Because of variations in 3rd party recording methods some discs, USB devices or SD cards may not play on this unit.

Sounds like you need to be in AV mode, which uses the Red/White/Yellow RCA phono type cable, and you may need to try a different brand/size of SD card.


Thanks. I verified that my TV is in AV mode. In fact it won't display pictures from the SD card at all unless it is in AV mode. I can try a different SD card next.