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Did they run out of bronze spacers? Someone forced the hanger to fit the width of end of spring? Can not be right surely.


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Looking at your picture of the off center hanger, is that a crack at the weld on the left at the curve by the frame.


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its ok.... they make 3 different widths of light trailer springs, and 2 different widths of hangers, and although the hanger you have is wider and looks odd the way its fitting, it will work just fine.... it will outlast the spring that its supporting.
its unlikely the hanger is cracked near the weld, but its worth checking....

if you start nit-picking the suspension under these light trailers, you will find the entire suspension system a bit sketchy....

very thin nylon pin bushings, spring hangers that may be too light for the actual load the trailer, spring retainer plates that the ubolts go thru that are too light for the torque rating of the ubolts used, and various other deficiencies that if redesigned could make the suspension ride better for longer.... and this doesnt even include issues with the barely adequate brake system....

but, the suspension being redesigned isnt going to happen, so we just need to inspect and service the suspension and brakes about every 40,000 miles to insure its all holding together and the bushing arent too badly worn....

or you can fix it to look like you want it to..... but it wont ride any better, or last any longer, and you still should keep up on the inspections to insure problems dont develop elsewhere..


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the best thing to do if you plan on keeping unit is get morryde IS rides smother and alot better designed. had it installed at national rally no compairison


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Trailer leaf springs are 1-3/4" in width. Perhaps the hanger is a bit wider than it should be. Measure the width of all the spring hangers and you will know for sure. As someone has already pointed out, what you are showing should not be a problem.