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Looking at the Ambassadors page for where are they now, unfortunately only shows them for 2011. Aren't there any Ambassadors any longer. That would be really sad. What's Heartland doing about it. Or is it going the way a lot of clubs are going, down the tube.

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Hi...I am one of the past Ambassadors...the official program was discontinued a while back, simply due to the fact it was almost impossible to quantify the effectiveness of what we did. I will say that even though there is no official program any longer that this forum and club are loaded with unofficial "Ambassadors", of which I am still one!

As for the club...have no fear this club is stronger than ever and continues to grow. We just had our 9th National Rally in June and the 10th is being planned as we speak and will be held in Goshen, IN. It will be by far the largest and most exciting in the companies 10 year history!! Hope you can join us there in June of 2015!


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We were ambassadors too, and are stronger "ambassadors" than ever. We always talk to people in the parks where we are about the advantages of being in the Heartland family, from being a forum user with the great information there and willing owners that are eager to share information and experiences with people. We have attended several rallies this year and won't stop until October. The club is stronger than ever and growing every day.


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As the Heartland Owners Club Newsletter Editor, I can also proclaim the club is growing, and many members take it upon themselves to be HL ambassadors. I know we spoke to at least one HL owner in each of the 3 parks we stayed in on our last trip... Told them about the forum and club.

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I have never been an "official" Heartland Ambassador, but I have always considered myself an "unofficial" Heartland Ambassador. Everytime I see a Heartland product owner in a campground I ask them if they are members of the HOC and if not try to tell them the advantage of joining. If you like to talk about your trailer, you are a Heartland Ambassador!


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Tom and Fran,

The replies you are getting are "right on". Having a program with official named ambassadors was a goal of mine. We tried it for a year or so but it was very difficult to get campgrounds to agree to allow the ambassadors to hold open houses at their RVs - though some were done.

As others have mentioned, we have hundreds of unofficial ambassadors out there who love to talk about their product, their club and the fun they have with both. The Heartland Owners Club has grown steadily since we formalized the club in late 2008. In the last year or so, we/ve net added 20-25 members.

Thanks for the question - it was a great one. Hope you can make a rally or two this year and by all means, read your quarterly Heartland Highlights newsletter from cover-to-cover to keep up with the happenings. A new one will be out in a week or so.