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I'm interested in info on the North Trail TT. Have visited the Heartland site and viewed their material. Does anyone have a real life experience with this unit. Haven't found any dealers around the Denver area and have actually been unable to get any pricing on their units.

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The only thing I know is these units are new for Heartland. Maybe Jim could repost this in the Ask the Factory section. They might be more help.


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Well, turns out that I have yet to create the North Trail forums here. So I can't move this to the ATF. thanks for the reminder though Ray - I'll have to add this next week.



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I have seen the Northtrail in person. I was quite pleased with the new line from Heartland. They have done alot to make this lightweight travel trailer very appealing. They have included a drawer that is almost the full width of the front bed. A very nice use of storage. The kitchen has alot of counterspace and there was a full bath in the one I saw. Overall I felt it was a very nice unit. If you are intersted there are some pictures on the Best Buy RV website at http://www.bestbuyrvs.com/ as they have one in stock.

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North Trail nice

I, too, had a chance to inspect the new North Trail a couple of weeks ago at Wagners Trailer Sales, Cleveland, Wi, and I agree it is a very nice unit. What I noticed first was the quality of the cabinets and drawers. Heartland seemed to take care of the little things. The unit I was in had a sale price of around $******, which made this North Star a good deal.
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We purchased a North Trail 31BHD and love it! The trailer tows like a dream, love the storage and lots of counter space. Not only is the trailer great but we purchased from Terry Frazier RV in Eldridge, Iowa. Every person we came in contact with at that dealership was great!!!! We drove 145 miles to purchase this unit from Terry Fraziers vs 20 miles to purchase it at our local dealer and it was worth every mile.

Much better pricing and much better customer service!


North Trial just signed a RV America in the Denver area. It will a couple of weeks before product starts to show up at there lot.


North trail trailer

North Trail Trailers are is stock at RV America at theJohnson Cornors exit of I25 just north of Longmont saw one there today.


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We have had our 280BH since Oct. We are very happy with it. The cabniets are the same as some of the 5ers. After looking at other brands and reading other brand owners forums, we found the small details are already done for you. The small things like the bypass for the water heater, the water pump is set-up for easy winterizing, the storage areas are finished. As with any other brand we had some problems. Some we just took care of on our own. We did have a leak around our slide with it open, called our service department, in the pouring rain myself, service manager, and the warranty manager opened the slide and the problem was fixed in just a few days. I was told up front by my salesman that the North Trail was fairly new to the market. We compared other trailers and talked to the guys in the service department before we bought ours. We may only use ours another year or so before moving into a Cyclone or Razor.