Heartland Owners Swap & Sell (HOSS) table at rally 2011


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It is that time again and we are looking forward to an awesome time with our extended family and friends. It is Rally time and you know what else that means, it is time to get rid of those unwanted treasures you have been toting around in your RV. We will once again have tables made available for you to show your wares and such. You will be supplied with tags in your welcome bag for the rally to list your item, price, cell phone number, name & site number so that people can get in touch with you if necessary. If you just want to give your stuff away then put “FREE” in the price and I am sure you will never see it again. The tables will be set up somewhere in the hall. The Hall will be open all day during the rally and locked at night. They will be available from the start of the rally till Saturday evening. If your items do not sell by Saturday evening please remove them from the table as we have no way of storing them. Any items still left on Sunday will become a free for all and possibly thrown away. This is a really great way to make a couple of bucks for fuel or maybe some ice cream later on. If ice cream is involved please let me know as I would like some too. Really! Not kidding. :):):)

Hope to see you all there,


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Thanks Duane but this usually takes care of itself. I'll make up some signs and extra tags to leave at the tables just in case.



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Thank you for once again, asking for this table to be available and being the coordinator of it.

For all,

Attached is a PDF file that explains the process a bit more and includes the REQUIRED tags for each item you plan to place on the table. Print it now if you want to get a head start. We'll also include a sheet of the tags in the rally bags.



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I have already started to mark my items. Looks like I'll have quite a few things to get rid of.
(1) Cradlepoint router MBR1000
(1) Wilson Cellular antenna, never used
(1) Wilson Cellular antenna extension, never used
(1) Wilson 3-way antenna mount, never used
(1) Sansa 2Gb mp3 player
(1) Creative labs 30Gb video and mp3 player
More to come...........................


Mud flaps for the swap table - if someone is interested I will them to Goshen. Not going to bring along if there is no interest.