Heartland Rally.....

Delaine and Lindy

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Hi to all, Delaine and me left Goshen this morning (site 412). We had a great time. We had a 117 at our Rally and all had a good time.

I did get to see a few members of the Heartland family, and have read many of their post. Knew them by there screen name and or knew what their Trucks like Tom, white Super Duty 450 Ford, and KAKamper (The Beast, unless its in the mud) and Smoky Bare they had arrived early. Was geat talking to them.

Hope you all have a great Rally and maybe you can get Jim B to buy lunch for all the people at the Rally. I missed Jim by just a few minutes, well maybe next time. GBY......

Tom of Ypsi

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It was great meeting you and putting a face with a name. The few people we met from your rally were very nice to talk to and seemed to have a good time. Thanks for the well wishes for our rally and hopefully we will meet again on the road for a longer period of time. Safe travels.


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Thanks for the chance to visit with you... Sure glad your Rally was a success... they looked great !! Till our next chance to visit... Stay Safe !!



Hay Lindy
Why didn't you stay around a couple of days an give us a chance to meet you...

Where are you heading now? Couldn't be better than another rally...



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Hey Guys...great to meet you too!

We're in the process of taming the "Beast" (with the help of Dale Fenton from Trailair...he's an amazing person and engineer)...hope to have that accomplished before leaving the area next week. Maybe we can get some of the mud washed off of him too....:D

Delaine and Lindy

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Thanks to all, I'm sure we will meet again and look forward. Dale will get the Beast going.

TXBobcat, we spent all our money, we ordered a 2010 Mobile Suites, so we decided to come back to Clarksville, Tennessee for a few days to visit grandkids. We had planned to stay longer but Delaine ordered what she wanted instead of just adding the sliding tray and a awning on the living area slide.

KaKampers we are dealing on the Freightliner and have been giving the numbers and we are off by about $8,000 dollars, so don't know if it will happen or not. But as Delaine says if its suppose to it will:D. Good Luck to all and may the stars line up for you. GBY...

P.S. This is a wisper but for the ones who are looking to move up to a Landmark or what ever. Tell Heartland that the owner of Drv gave anyone who bought a new Suites at the Suites Rally they would receive $5,400 in options (Free).