Heartland Volunteers in the Volunteer State at a Food Bank


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[FONT=&quot]Heartland Volunteers in the Volunteer State[/FONT]

Hello Heartlanders rallying in Nashville,

Nashville wants you. Nashville needs you.


If you plan to arrive in Nashville prior to Wednesday and if you want to help us show Nashville how big Heartlanders' hearts really are, please consider joining up to 35 Heartlanders in a volunteer effort in the Volunteer state.

Who: You - Heartlanders in Nashville not later than Tuesday
What: A volunteer activity that will benefit people in middle Tennessee
When: Wednesday, July 14, 9 am to 11 am, leaving the KOA at 8:15 am
Where: Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee [map]

We're looking to supply up to 35 (max) Heartlander who are able and willing to roll up their sleeves and volunteer a couple hours of their time at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

We will primarily be sorting and repackaging food items in the warehouse of the food bank.

We will be caravanning in our own vehicles to and from the food bank for this volunteer activity.

We are looking for a coordinator for this event. See details of what we are looking for in a coordinator on the Rally Volunteer Opportunity thread [link]

For everyone at the rally, in addition to volunteering our time on Wednesday, we are holding a Food Drive at the KOA for the entire week of the rally. I have set our goal of collecting 250 food items. And if the food drive results at our recent Wisconsin State Rally was any indicator of the “Heart of Heartland Owners”, we’ll shatter the Nashville goal”.

Several attachments have been added to this thread:

  • General Volunteer Information
  • Policies and Dress Code
  • Volunteer agreement to review, fill-in, print, sign and give to the coordinator the by 8am Wednesday
  • What to Expect as a Volunteer
  • List of foods most needed and in order of the need
  • Map from the KOA to the food bank

Nashville thanks you Heartlanders!

More information on the food bank:
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, Nashville Contact: 615-329-3491 www.secondharvestmidtn.org


  1. Kimball Gillette - Leader
  2. Alice Gillette - Leader
  3. Dave Yocum
  4. Julie Yocum
  5. Gene Brandon
  6. Song Brandon
  7. Jack Raymond
  8. Lori Raymond
  9. Madeleine Greer
  10. Dick Hill
  11. Reta Hill
  12. Dave Bachtell
  13. Julia Bachtell
  14. Ray LeTourneau
  15. Lin LeTourneau
  16. Bob Fournelle
  17. Christine Fournelle
  18. Mark Comer
  19. Justin Comer
  20. Steve Wilhite
  21. Kathy Wilhite
  22. Tom Padovano
  23. Nancy Padovano
  24. Tom Weber
  25. Gerry Weber
  26. Dave Gruner
  27. Nona Gruner
  28. Dick Lang
  29. Karol Lang
  30. Ron Pagel
  31. Judy Bentley-Pagel
  32. Phillip Crowley
  33. Cecilia Crowley
  34. Martin Pope
  35. Heather Pope
  36. Paul Viergever - Alternate1
  37. Chris Viergever - Alternate 2
  38. Ron Parrish - Alternate 3
  39. Ann Parrish - Alternate 4
  40. Lin Ballard - Alternate 5
  41. Debbie Ballard - Alternate 6
  42. Jerry Talley - Alternate 7
  43. Diane Talley - Alternate 8
  44. Carl Shea - Alternate 9
  45. Carrie Shea - Alternate 10


  • General Volunteer Information - Second Harvest Food Bank.pdf
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  • Policies & Dress Code - Second Harvest Food Bank.pdf
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  • Group Member Agreement - Heartland Owners Club - Lastname, Firstname.pdf
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  • What to Expect as a Volunteer - Second Harvest Food Bank.pdf
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  • Most Needed Foods - Second Harvest Food Bank.pdf
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Hey.....Sign both of us up to assist, but dependent on warehouse conditions, my bride's asthma :( may not allow her to hang with us very long. Unless, that is, Vince Gill will be there. :D If he isn't, I guess I'll just have to work twice as hard.
Bummer! :rolleyes:

Dick and Reta
WOW! Heartlanders rock! Thank you so much for slamming this thread so soon after the email went out. We are quickly on our way to 35! I'd like to sign up a couple of alternates as well. Think I'll sign up 39 so be safe, then pare back the morning of.

Thank you Heartlanders :)


tom p

Jim, Nancy and I (tom padovano) will like to help out. Let me know what you need. We will be there on Sunday 7-11-10. See you then.


Dick and Karol Lang will be there on Tuesday to help out. We didn't plan on getting there until Wednesday but with all the problems they had there, we are most happy to leave a day earlier.
WOW! Heartlanders - you never cease to amaze me. You are awesome. I think I have all of you added as of this post number.

8 more slots / 4 more couples. This was easy! Thank you, thank you.

Let's make our mark on Nashville and make a difference.



jim I will be willing to help if our plans dont change . Dont think the wifes knees would let her through