Heated Basement


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Exactly where are the heat vents in the basement of my 2015 Bighorn 3750Fl????
We have a ‘17 BH. The basement is heated, and I use the word heated loosely, indirectly by a single 2” piece of ducting directed under the floor off the furnace plenum. When I was investigating an issue with the other heat runs I discovered that the 2” run was kinked off and likely wasn’t providing any heat up until that discovery. When we are in below freezing conditions I plug in a heat lamp bulb located behind the basement wall directed towards the water lines. I also have a thermometer sending unit to monitor the conditions there.

That small gray line on the bottom left of the furnace is the duct I speak of 1666350211324.jpeg


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The heated basement is heated by duct work that is not connected to anything. It is just an open-end duct work.
Usually, these are not cut to length and when installed, it was just hooked one end to furnace and the other end just lying on the floor for the basement. You probably should look to see if the duct work is collapsed or crushed by something blocking heat from coming out. May also be a good time to cut off some extra so it will flow better.


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As everyone so far has said, its just a small runner coming off the heater, which is all behind your basement walls in the storage area underneath. Per the marketing hype, one would think there is more to it than there actually is, but NOT.


I just upgraded my “basement heating”.....

I went to Tractor Supply and purchased a stall plug - a plug that is thermostat controlled....

When temp drops to 35 it automatically turns on anything you have plugged into it - in my case a 250 watt ceramic heater...

I then removed the panel that gave me access to water pump, water lines, etc.

I then plugged TS plug and then placed heater there.... (it’s a heater with the tip over shut off feature...)

Now that compartment will actually be heated - heater cuts off automatically when temp reaches 42...

I used this set up in my class A compartments for years....


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So are you installing this backup heat source, for when the coach is not in use? Cause when your in the coach and the heat is on, it would stay pretty warm. When ist cold out, our heater pretty much runs all day, especially if its windy.


I don’t use the furnace a lot because it sucks propane like a racehorse....

90% of my heating comes from ceramic heaters and my fireplace... I’m in a CG that includes electricity on its monthly bill so I let the heat my trailer...

Using my recently installed setup, the space stays toasty all the time...


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I have the same set up as Ernest using a 250 w. ceramic heater in the underbelly area. I also don’t or try to not use my furnace unless the ceramic heaters can’t keep up then I’ll turn on the furnace for a short period of time