I had a rather bad experience today. Was flushing out my black water holding tank when this happened.

I heard popping sounds and by the time I was able to shut off the water it was too late. I had the black water dump valve open but I guess from looking at the leakage the tank ballooned and popped loose.
I need help with resolving this. I bought the trailer in late November of 2013 and it's a 2014 silverado 37QB. Is this covered under warranty and how do I get it fixed. I am in west texas, in big spring, TX., and there is a camping world about two hours away. But I need to have it fixed ASAP! Please help. There is black water all under my under carriage now and reaks in the trailer.


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If you bought it in Nov. of 2013, the warranty should expire in Nov. of 2014. If the dealer you bought it from isn't near where you are, Monday morning I'd dig out the VIN, and call Heartland to find out where you can take it, unless you know of a Heartland dealer near where you are located. From what you've said, it should be an easy fix, sounds like all they'll have to do is replace the tank. From what I can see in the photo, it almost looks like the tank just fell loose, & possibly all they'll have to do is reattach it. Good luck!!!


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They might authorize a mobil tech if there are any in the area. You might do more damage moving it. I would email Heartland this picture with your VIN number today and then follow up with a call tomorrow. By the time you call they should already have the picture.


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I would check with whoever you want to do the warranty service. Remember, with Heartland you can get your rig serviced under warranty at ANY servicer you choose (with prior approval from Heartland Service - Phone them). They have lists of service providers they have had good experiences with in all areas, so maybe you won't have to travel so far. You can also check for RV servicers in your area. Many of us prefer RV servicers that are independent (have no new RV sales lot) as they have more incentive to do a good, quick, job.

You might call a local septic tank pumping service as to advice as to what to do about the sewage spill. Maybe one of the disaster remediation services like Servicemaster can help you with the rig interior smell.

A lesson learned in this fiasco is to get a clear sewer hose end like this so you can SEE what is happening with your sewer discharge:

Good luck, and hope this disaster is remediated soon!!!


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Sounds a bit like there might have been a clog and the flush overfilled the tank. x2 on the clear adapter.


I just hope that it didn't split the tank. I bought some pipe hanging bands and will place these along 4 locations across the bottom. And this will hopefully hold it up until I get to the repair shop.


The tank is held in the frame by a lip around the top. Maybe 1" wide. There should have been two loose straps under the tank (they support when the tank fills up)

Good chance the rails holding your tank in were not close enough to the tank.