Highway trouble


Driving from Pahrump to Mesquite NV I lost distribution bar. I heard it go. Pulled over as soon as I could couldn't find spring bar , plug pulled out from truck and frayed. Breakaway pulled out from trailer. Limped the 10 miles to Mesquite into a casino parking lot. R brake light stayed on after shutting off truck. Didn't think any were working. Finally took bulb out as cant get mechanic to come until morning.
My question I guess is are my brakes locked up? Wouldn't I know? Why just that one brake light. I don't want to blindly turn my rig over to a mechanic. Suggestions? FB_IMG_1620222276051.jpg


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Since the breakaway plug is out of the switch I would say yes your trailer brakes should be locked.
Your brake light could be on based on the frayed umbilical cord.
So my guess is that you will need a new umbilical cord and breakaway switch.
If the brakes are currently on you might want to disconnect the neutral battery cable.
You may also have an issue with the brake magnets. Hopefully not.
It's a bummer to break down on the road, good luck with the repairs.



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What is your truck?
While dealing with a few computer code problems with my RAM, I have learned of all sorts of weird computer caused problems, including 1 brake light being constantly on.

Right now I am fighting the radio intermittently not coming on along with the cigar lighter socket next to it. Radio has good voltage to it according to independent mechanic. OEM service manual shows data buss connection to radio, but schematics show no interconnection between cigar lighter and radio, but mechanic says that connection is there.

Just got an appointment set up for next Wednesday to get computer reflashed to include all current service note mods. We get our oil changed on a regular basis, get our computer and smart phones software upgraded, but how often do we get our computerized vehicles software updated???