HOC May news letter Wyoming Chapter


Founding Wyoming Chapter Leader-retired
Well, May is finally here, Yeah!!!! It has been a cold April here in Northwest Wyoming. In the 20s at night and barely getting into the 40s during the day -- and yes, we woke up to snow this morning again. Third time this week. It’s all good. We will have plenty of water for irrigation and I see 60s in the extended weather forecast.

Things are gearing up here. Retail stores are opening, the dude ranches are hiring, the rafting outfits are waiting for the white water, and you will know summer is finally here when Cody night rodeo opens up on June 1st.

The east entrance to the park (Yellowstone) is scheduled to open on May 6th. Park personnel are working to open Sylvan pass now and are reporting snow pack of 22ft and drifts up to 30ft deep. The south entrance is scheduled to open the 13th.

We took a day ride today on the Chief Joseph Highway. This route is a great day ride, up Chief Joseph Highway, through the north entrance of Yellowstone, meander through the park and back out the east gate back to Cody.

Amy and I are planning an informal meet- n- greet at the Spring Creek campground in Big Timber, MT May 20th-22nd. If you are interested PM me and I’ll get site info.


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Founders of SoCal Chapter
Hey Dave great news. Spring Creek is a nice CG. Just don't take any BIG labs with you or near the irrigation ditch. Inside joke on me. Be prepared though, some site's DO NOT have a poop dump. They have a "honey wagon" but it costs money to use. All the staff are friendly and Lynn is is a riot. Not sure when they let you fish in their ponds for the trout, but the Boulder River runs thru the CG. Here's the link to the CG.