Hooking Genesis entertainment system up to Sirius satelite


Brand new here, so please forgive any mistakes. We are in a 2015 Elkridge and have subscribed to Sirius Radio. We would like to connect it to our Genesis entertainment system. There is no way to get to the back of the entertainment system that we can find and I have somehow lost the user guide. [SUB]

Can I please get some help.

Norma Youel
Casper Wyoming[/SUB]:cool:


HI Norma,

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Jim M


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Welcome to this great forum Norma. Lots of great information here with a lot of great people willing to share their knowledge.
There is a lot of help available in the "Tools" section at the top of this page.
I found THESE TWO MANUALS there.



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Hi Norma,

There should be a cable bundle coming out the back of the Genesis units. Let me suggest you check the drawings in the manual that was referenced earlier to make sure it has the input connectors you need. To get to them you'll have to pull the unit out of the wall. The bezel usually comes right off by gently pulling it. Behind the bezel you'll find the 4 mounting screws holding the unit in place.