How do I deal with my snail mail?


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Am now full time and will loose my street address this Tuesday when the closing on the house happens.

I plan on leaving the state (Colorado) for awhile, and maybe for good!

Haven't quite decided that yet.

So, what should I do to deal with my mail? :confused:


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There are several related things you need to do along with mail. You can get mail forwarding from Escapees or a few other places. But you'll also want to maintain domicile for tax and voting and perhaps other purposes. If you go with an Escapees address in Livingston, TX, for example, you'll probably want to register your vehicles there and vote there and list it as your address for tax purposes. There are some advantages to doing so. For example, there's no state income tax. And the cost of license tags is much, much lower than Colorado. One disadvantage is that Texas requires vehicle inspections which if you are traveling, requires you to get one within a few days of returning to Texas. Here's some Escapees info.

South Dakota and Florida are other popular domicile choices.


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UPS store or similar. Get a PMB. They forward on demand and notify when your box is full or you get a package. We have done this for 25 years. Don't even have a mail box at our sticks and bricks. No need to worry about someone going through your mail or taking packages off your porch.


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I realize there are various choices for full-timers, each require a permanent address change, so you need to decide which service/State you want to call “ home”. We used Florida and in Crestview, FL. Had great results for the four years we were full time with zero problems. FL has no State income tax on personal income, so that’s a plus. Also, we were alreadyFL residents so the initial address change was easy. In your case, you would have to go to FL for vehicle registration and initial inspection. After that, no annual inspection. Whichever State you choose you may have to be there physically for the initial vehicle licensing, etc. check out the web site for more details. You could also use a close friend or relative address to handle things for you.


Check out Americas Mailbox for your vehicle registration and mail delivery, also no state tax, no vehicle inspections, no RV endorsements for towi g heavy.


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While changing medical coverage the first of the year we had to prove domicile in Washington State. When we sold the house a year and a half ago, we went to the drivers license office and listed the Washington RV Park as our legal address, with the addition of a separate mailing address an a Mailzone store 3 miles away. So we provided that to the medical insurer with a copy of drivers licenses, voter registration cards and an utility bill from the membership park.

So it is important to to handle these items in a timely manner.



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Thanks everyone...keep ‘em coming!

My problem right now is that I’m not sure where I am going to call home.

I am thinking about heading south to Arizona, Texas and maybe a trip to Florida, but may also come back to Colorado for the summer.

I have to go to a UPS store tomorrow to drop off my DirecTV equipment as they never sent the return boxes they said would be coming (over a month ago) and gave me some lame excuse about none of the boxes they sent ever got delivered blah blah blah...

So maybe I’ll get a temporary PO Box there for now and as I make plans to roll I’ll look into some of the suggestions above!


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We use FL as our "home" and use American Home Base for mail. all our mail goes to them and when we want it, just call them and they forward to our location(they will also go through "junk" mail so only forward what we want).
currently in AZ