How often do you drive the tow vehicle or drive the motorhome?


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My wife drives about 97% of the time. She actually does a good job of towing. i seem to hit things when I drive, so....Like others have said, if something should happen to me the RV will make it back home.


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I can't get my wife to drive the truck empty let alone hooked to the trailer! You guys are very fortunate to get a bit of a driving break even if just a few hrs. on the Intertates.
Same here, my wife is vertically challenged (short) and can't fully engage the clutch, at least that is her excuse, I don't recall her ever trying?


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DW does most the the driving, including backing up the cyclone. She also uses the dually as her daily driver. Must say she does a great job


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Here in BC you need to take a drivers test for anything over 10,000 lbs. DW needs to get off her butt and do that or were not going on any long trips. lol
At least that my threat to her.


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Lately, I've been driving the dually around as the daily driver. Backing it into parking spaces, etc. I have not yet towed anything except a boat in my teen years. DH has told me I should learn. The one time I HONESTLY offered to learn to tow the camper - he said I could learn when he's dead. :cool: So, like everything I learn to do, I'll just have to wait for him to go somewhere warmer and learn in a trial by fire. One thing I've learned through 12 years of marriage to this military guy - is that there isn't anything I can't do. Some things take more creativity, most things I have to do a bit slower and with more caution, but I can do all things if I really have to.

Maybe I will make it up to Temecula this fall after all. (Don't worry, DH, I'm just kidding.)


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I drive and backup only because my wife dosen't drive. She did for a few years, many years ago and almost had a accident and has not driven since.

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Courteous of sirius radio, channel 6:

what do you call the person in the seat next to the driver?

the Nagigator......


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When we bought the Bighorn in 2010 I started asking to drive...Don was very protective of the truck:) and I didn't really push it...I wish i had. Last fall he became quite ill about 1000 miles from home. While he was hospitalized I got used to driving the F450 dually: big hips (the trucks not mine)!
Doctors released him but he "relapsed" on the way home, I drove/pulled the 5er for 15 straight hours...thankfully all other drivers around me had received the memo!! ha, ha, and they all behaved appropriately.
Now, I tell him prior to the trip, I will drive for several hours every travel day. I have yet to attempt to backup...not sure Don could handle that :eek: