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Effective immediately, Gerry and Debbie Atkinson (TGLBWH) have retired as Michigan Chapter Leaders so they can assume the role of North Central Region Directors.

Gerry and Debbie are taking over from Dan and Karen Halvorsen, founding Region Directors of the North Central Region. Thank you, Dan and Karen, for all that you did for the club and your region.

The North Central Region includes these Chapters: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa (including Nebraska), Michigan, Minnesota (including North Dakota and South Dakota), and Wisconsin. [FONT=&quot]HOC members can choose to belong to any active Chapter regardless of their state/province of residence.

Please join me in welcoming, Gerry and Debbie Atkinson, your North Central Region Directors.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Congratulation Gerry and Debbie, I know you'll have fun in your new role. Enjoy.

Thanks to Dan and Karen for everything.


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Thank you Dan and Karen for all you've done for the North Central Region. We hope to see you guys at some NC rallies in 2018.

Congrats Gerry and Debra and thank you for taking on the Region Director role for the North Central region. We wish you all the best in this.

While Nancy and I will not be able to make the NC Region rally this year, we plan to see you both at the WI and MI Chapter rallies.


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Karen and Dan Thank You both for being great Regional Directors. You all are some fine folks!!

Debbie and Gerry congratulations to you 2 on your new position. I know you will do great.

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retired Tennessee Chapter Leaders
Congratulations Gerry and Debbie! I guess this means there will be more than one Big 10 team represented at your rallies now?

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Pacific Region Directors-Retired
Congratulation Gerry and Debbie! Please let us know if you have any questions or need any advice. I know you'll have fun as the new Region Directors. Have fun with it.

Thank you both, Dan and Karen for everything you did and all your hard work.



Southeast Region Director-Retired
Thank you Dan and Karen for all of your time that you have given to the Heartland Owners Club.

Thank you Gerry and Debbie for stepping up and taking over the reins as Regional Directors.


North Central Region Directors-Retired
Making the decision to step down as North Central Region Director was a very hard decision, but we realize that it is was time.
With all the health issues we had last year and what we are looking forward to already this year we were not able to give 100% to the club. Monday Dan is having his other hip replaced and hopefully it will be successful.

We have enjoyed our journey. We are so happy to pass the torch to Gerry and Debbie Atkinson as we are so confident that they will keep that torch burning.

The North Central Region Rally is going to be a lot of fun, so hopefully we will be able to be there and join in "The Clowning Around".

Safe Travels Our Friends

Dan and Karen


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Karen, we wish you and Dan the best in retirement from club leadership. We also hope you and Dan have good luck with your medical issues. Hopefully we'll see you in Goshen or another rally or you'll make your way back to Texas for the winter.


retired Michigan Chapter Leaders
Thanks to Dan an Karen for the great job they have done as directors We hope to see you on the road in the future. To Gerry an Deb good luck at your new job.


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Thanks Dan and Karen. Always enjoyed rallying with you and especially remember Dan coming over to welcome us when we got to Goshen last year. I meant a lot. All the luck in your future travels and endeavors.


Mountain Region Director-Retired
Congrats Gerry & Debbie....Enjoy the ride and have lots of fun!
See you down the road and safe Travels.


Thanks Karen and Dan for all the work you done.
I will miss the great cupcakes you provided at the rallies.
We keep a eye on Gerry in case he wanders.

Congratulations Gerry and Debbie on becoming regional directors.

Nick & Darlene


Northeast Region Director-Retired
Congratulation Gerry and Debbie. Thanks for taking the NC Region.

Thanks to Dan and Karen for everything.


Indiana Chapter Leaders
Our best and fondest wishes to Dan and Karen, it’s been apleasure.
And congrats to Gerry and Debbie!
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