Introduction - Utah Chapter Leaders


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Congratulations and thank you, Rory and Amy Hudson (Apropdoc) for volunteering to be the Chapter Leaders for the Utah Chapter in the Mountain Region of the Heartland Owners Club.

The Utah Chapter includes the entire state of Utah.

Rory and Amy are taking over from Trace and Teri Westcott, the founding Chapter Leaders of the Utah Chapter. Thank you, Trace and Teri, for all you have done for the Heartland Owners Club.

Everyone, please join me in welcoming, your new Utah Chapter Leaders, Rory and Amy!


Mountain Region Director
Congratulations Rory & Amy and thank you for joining the Heartland leadership team! The Utah Chapter is fortunate to have New Leaders who possess the quality and caliber of leadership Rory & Amy bring to this position!

Rory is retired Air Force Veteran and continues to work on the F series Jets as a contractor!
Rory, "Thank you for your Service to our Country"!

I am excited to welcome Rory & Amy to their new position and ask the HOC community to consider supporting their first Chapter Rally currently being worked on for Moab Utah Sept 21-24 2017.


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Rory & Amy, congrats and welcome! Moab is a great rally destination.

Trace & Teri, best of everything. Miss you guys.


Retired Colorado Chapter Leaders
Rory & Amy, congratulations and welcome. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Thank you Trace and Teri for founding and leading the Utah Chapter. Enjoy your retirement!

Rory and Amy - congratulations and thank you for stepping up to Club Leadership. Have fun!


Pacific Region Directors
Welcome Rory and Amy!! Thanks for stepping up and taking the lead. We look forward to attending some of your chapter rallies in the future.

And thank you Trace and Terri for your years of service and making the Utah Chapter an amazing chapter!!

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Camp Socializer
Welcome Rory and Amy. Several of us have had a campout scheduled for the same time in Moab for several months. Maybe we can slip over to your rally for a few activities.


South Central Region Director, HOC
Thank you Trace and Teri for establishing the Utah chapter

Rory and Amy, welcome to the leadership for the Utah chapter. Have fun in your new role.


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Congrats on being the new Utah HOC Chapter leaders!

We hope to make one of your Utah HOC Rallies in the next year or so (Oh No! There goes the neighborhood! :eek: )!


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Welcome Rory and Amy. You have some big shoes to fill.
Trace and Terry put on some great rallys and several annual campouts near Quartzsite.
Thanks to the Westcotts for all your years of service.
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Founding Texas-West Chapter Leaders
Welcome to Heartland Leadership! Thank you for volunteering! Congrats!! Enjoy!

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Great to hear. Welcome our new chapter leaders.. Looking forward to meeting you guys and participating when we can.. We're also from northern Utah so we are almost neighbors.. See you down the road Kirk and Becky...


Utah Chapter Leaders-retired
Thanks everyone, we appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to meeting as many members as possible while out and about!