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Welcome to the Canada Region of the Heartland Owners Club.

Your Canada Region Leader is:

* Tony Lane (tonyl)

The boundaries of this region is: Entire country of Canada


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Canadian Heartland Owners Club Members,

Please join me in welcoming Tony Lane as our Regional Director for Canada.

As Regional Director, Tony will be responsible for Club activities within Canada. Chapter Leaders for all Canadian provinces will work directly with Tony on planning their Club activities within their provinces.

Tony and Sharon - welcome!



Quebec Chapter Leader-retired
Bonjour and Welcome!
How about setting up a late summer activity in NB to gather Quebec and Maritimes folks? Maybe we could also invite Maine owners to show them that Canadian lobster is the best!!!


Southeast Region Director-Retired
Welcome to the family from your friends in Tennessee! One day we would love to go to Canada.


Heartland Owners Club Manager
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Wonderful! Congratulations and welcome. I enjoyed visiting with you at dinner in Tampa. Hope to see you again soon.


Founding Canadian Region Director - Retired
Congratulations Tony and Sharon! Gayle and I are looking forward to meeting you both.
Wayne and Gayle


Welcome aboard Tony and Sharon. I'm sure you will have fun working with the Heartland Family.

Jim M


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Welcome from the Great State of Texas Tony and Sharon. Hope you have much fun in the rallies in Canada.


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Wow Tony, Congratulations. Between your forum and now having all of Canada for HL as a Region leader you are going to be a little busy.

Does the Region leader job in Canada pay more than down here in the states??? :D:D


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Actually, I think it pays the same as it does for Chapter Leaders.

Welcome tonyl. We look forward to having you come south sometime.



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Don't they get paid in bags of gold? Or is that just bags of snow from where the Huskies go??


I had a chuckle with the 'boundaries of this region'..... the ENTIRE country of Canada. :)
Tony... you have taken on a big region.

I am POSITIVE you will do a wonderful job! Congrats. Since hearing of your appointment into this position WE have joined the Owner's Club! I know you'll give it your best (as you've done with the Titanium group).


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Welcome Tony and Sharon
After our X-Canada trip last year you have to know that you have taken on a huge responsibility for the whole of Canada
Hopefully you can ,make it out to the West Coast some time. The coffees always on.
Bill and Maureen


retired Alberta Chapter Leaders
Welcome Tony & Sharon, from Alberta as well. We have a spot available at our June Rally.../Doug


Welcome Tony and Sharon,

Guess who belongs to the Heartland forum. No, we haven't bought one but are looking or lurking about.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Jerome and Dara
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