Is FoodSaver V3840 Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

A Food Saver vacuum sealer is famous for its durability and handy features. This is why you can pack foods more easily with a device of this brand. The food vacuum sealer will help you cook pre-made dishes at any time by improving the shelf-life.
The best part about a good sealing system is that you don’t have to break your bank for it. FoodSaver v3840 is a handy device that you may want to purchase. So here is a guide to understanding if it's worth it.

What Is V3840?
FoodSaver v3840 vacuum sealer is a multi-purpose device that allows you to seal various items. It has a vertical design to help you save maximum space in your kitchen. This feature also allows you to store the tool in a cabinet when not using it.
It also comes with built-in roll storage for the sealing bags and a cutter. This will further help you save space. These parts will also help you store and cut vacuum bags within a few seconds.
Use Of V3840
The top use of v3840 sealer is to pack foods and store them in your freezer. You can use the different settings to seal dry items with no marinades or liquid items such as stews and pastes. The machine will help improve the storage life of the foods by five times.
A marinate mode is also present to help you marinate different foods. It will take about 13 minutes for the machine to do this. So you can easily save time because manual marination takes several minutes or one hour sometimes.
Pros Of V3840
Here are the top pros of the FoodSaver v3840 vacuum sealer:
1. Auto Liquid Detection
If you overfill a sealing bag with a liquid item, spilling may occur during the packing process. The machine will get dirty, and the seal will not be effective. Luckily, you don't have to worry about not knowing whether packing is done carefully.
The tool has an auto liquid detection feature to alert you of spills. So you can stop the sealing process, clean the machine, and reduce the quantity in the bag. After that, you can easily start the process again for effective sealing.
2. Progress Light
Most vacuum sealers come with LED lights to display different settings. However, the FoodSaver v3840 vacuum sealer also comes with a progress light. This will help determine easily when the packing will be complete.
So you can focus on other chores while the machine does its work. The hands-free operation is present to help you save time. You will also not have to wonder when the sealing will be complete.
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Final Verdict
This is your complete review of the v3840 sealer by FoodSaver. The tool is designed to improve the shelf-life of your leftovers. It will also help you enhance the storage time of spices and pastes.
You may also pack foods for sous vide cooking using this machine. The best part is that it comes at a reasonable price. So you will not have to break your bank. These features make the tool worth it.


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I am a single guy, and most often use my vacuum sealer for taco meat. I divide it up into about 2 tablespoon portions when I cook up a chub of taco meat, vacuum seal and freeze these portions, then cut a vent slit and microwave for 45 seconds when I want to make tacos. Just had tacos tonight.

I also vacuum seal and freeze small boneless pork chops to use as meat base in stir fry's with frozen Asian vegetables.

I buy off brands of sealers on E-Bay, though. They have served me pretty well.


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We’ve used one for several years to repackage meats to freeze. We periodically stock up on meats at Sam’s Club and separate the packages into meal size portions. When we had the rig, we took frozen meats from home to use. And if you search, you can find parts and instructions to repair them.

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