Is Landmark and or heartland the right choice?


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Pretty much everyone on this site has invested in a Heartland product. My wife and I have been considering Landmark for several years, last Friday we made a deal with our local guy, then I started checking on problems ( maybe a little too late)

We chose Landmark and Heartland because of the fine finish and designs, we were not aware of the many workmanship and incompleted issues that I have been reading about on line. We are hoping that these are the exception and not the norm.

I have no idea how many units Heartland produces but judging by the numbers I see on the road, its a lot. So with this in mind I am hoping that the percentage of frustrated and or disatisfied owners is minimul compared to the toal number sold.

My wifes says that usually people will complain before they will post something good.

I know I am rambling, I guess I am looking for some re-assurance from all of you owners that every trialer that comes out is not loaded with defects



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Well Chainsaw, we have a Bighorn and have very few minor problems, all taken care of by our dealer and Heartland. Everybody sees the bad reports, but then when someone says how happy they are with their Heartland product, no one seems to notice or remember. The other thing that people fail to notice is that many problems stem from the dealer and not Heartland. Alll I can say is that we are extreemly happy with our Bighorn. Relax and enjoy. Dont dwell on the negative things you read. They are the minority. Which model did you get? Landmarks are sweet.



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We love our Landmark!!! I would not hesitate to buy another in the future. We have had our share of issues, but nothing I could not fix while camping. Mostly water leaks at fittings that need to be tightened. The finish and woodwork is great. It has been our home for almost nine months now and it is doing great. I am sure you'll love your Landmark too. Welcome to the Heartland family.


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Heartland Product

We too have invested in a Heartland Product. Ours maybe a Toyhauler but it is still a Heartland Product. We love ours and after shopping around and traipsing through countless dealerships and trailers we got our Heartland.And it too was purchased in Saskatchewan.

Like others have said there are a few minor glitches here and there and sometimes can be frustrating but in the end these are the best built,best supported units out there. With a "family" of owners like we have on here help isn't usually too far away, a helping hand,word of advice or a forum to vent on.

The manufacturer also haunts these pages,(Sorry JB:D) and will endeavor to make our ownership of these units as trouble free as humanly possible.

I don't think you will find many manufacturers that give a hoot like these guy and gals do. And actually look after their customers after the sale like Heartland does.

That is just my humble opinion but what do I know. I'm just a truck driver.:D
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I've had my Cyclone for about 17 months now and started fulltiming in it the dy after I picked it up. I have had extremely minor 'problems' with my RV, and - like Alan - repaired them my self. A little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way! :) I never took it back to any dealer for any warranty issues because, well - I was living in it and didn't want to be without it and mostly because I never had anything go wrong with it that I needed any warranty repairs!

This is the first RV I have ever owned and one of these days I'll need to get another one. I will buy another Heartland in a heartbeat! Enjoy! Life's too short to swet the small stuff!



We at Heartland strive for 100% satisfaction!! We don't always acheive that but I know you will see that we stand apart from other manufacturers. How many other companies do you know that actually read and respond to their owners forum?

I would like to personally thank you for your business and know you will enjoy your Landmark!!

Kevin Finn


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We love our "Classic Landmark".We looked hard for a year and like the looks and features of it better than any other 5er we looked at.Some problems,but I think that buying a camper is like buying a car. You will have some problems. Would we buy another Landmark?YES! without a doubt.


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There is one major "problem" with owner's forums...if you want to call it a problem...this is where you go when you do have a problem. You come here to find a solution, for the most part. Some come to vent...and a few just come to complain.

The point is, the vast majority of owners don't come here when they have no issues...therefore, it APPEARS that there are lots of "problems" with the units. Fact is, the vast majority of Heartland owners NEVER come to this forum...alot don't even know about it.

Issues that you see here are a minute number compared to the many thousands of units Heartland has built, that are on the road today. You have to look at the big picture...if there were major problems with Heartland units in general, they wouldn't be rapidly becoming one of the largest and most respected towables builders in the RV industry...period!

Are you going to have problems with your new Landmark...probably. Are they going to be major, earth shattering issues...most likely NO! If you'd bought a Teton the odds would be the's an RV, a rolling earthquake on wheels.

The difference with your Landmark is, you've got Heartland to back you up, and in my opinion, there isn't a better company out there anywhere...RELAX and enjoy your new rig! We do...we've been living in our Bighorn for more than two years, and put over 35,000 miles on it, and by far, it is the BEST RV we've ever none!:D


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it's an RV, a rolling earthquake on wheels.
I love that! I always say it's a house on wheels you have to expect some things to go wrong, but yours is better.

Ray LeTourneau

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Chanisaw, These folks have said it all. On top of that, a Factory response, how many other Manufacturers monitor the Owners Forum? We've been owners for 3 years, we full time and we're happy campers. Another thing regarding the Factory monitoring the Forum, they use the information from it as feedback for process improvement. I can say that Heartland has improved dramatically in the 3 years since we bought our rig. If I ever have the need for a new 5th wheel, Heartland will be my 1st choice. Welcome to the Family, now get some sleep!:D


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We have had numerous minor & MAJOR problems with our Big Horn. We would not consider buying a Heartland product again.

Also, we have found that Heartland's Customer service is hit-and-miss.



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We are owners of a "Classic" Landmark. A "Classic" Landmark is a Landmark whos floorplan is not made anymore. We love our Landmark and even though we are not full-timers we are any-timers and are on the road the majority of the time. Have we had issues, yes, some big most small. Most I would say were dealer related and related to our China Bombs tires. I will say that in every instance Heartland has stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun. When looking to replace our former fifth wheel (an Alfa Gold) we almost bought another Alfa until we saw the Landmark. We fell in love with the Landmark and the rest is history. If we had gone with the Alfa we would just be another fifth wheel owner without a company to back the product. (Alfa is out of business). So, Congratulations with you decision and remember if you do have any problems do not hesitate to call Heartland Customer Service and they will certainly get you on the road to being a Happy Camper. Remember to Go Go Go RVing and it will be a Happy Day.


I was in your shoes just a month ago. I made a deal to purchase a 2009 Landmark Oakmont that was 650 miles away in Nebraska. During the week or so that I was waiting to take delivery I began reading the forum and started worrying. Well, we took delivery, camped at a few places on the way back and simply love our new unit. Before owning the Landmark I had a Carriage Cameo for 8 years. It was a good unit and I only had a few minor prolbems with it. Our new Landmark is much nicer and I am looking forward to our trip to the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October and then on to Port Aransas, TX for the winter. Good luck and enjoy your new Landmark.


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We will have owned our Big Horn for 2 years in October. We had minor cosmetic issues and a leak fixed after PDI. We had another water leak after a year of dragging the thing all over the country. The forum is a great source of information and a good primer for preventative maintenance. IE:, when we had the plumbing leak on vacation, I knew right where to look for the most common leaks, and voila! there it was and easily fixed. The members on here are always ready to help where they can, which is one reason why you read of so many problems. It's the first place many of us go for answers or troubleshooting.
We had a good dealer and we've had exceptional service from the factory. If we ever upgrade, I'm getting a Landmark.


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Great Company - Great Products

We just recently purchased our Big Country......Fifth RV we have owned....and we really enjoy it. There have been a couple of minor issues with our unit.....have spoken with the HL representative and the Flair rep....both extremely helpful and quick to resolve our problems.

As others have said......We all seem to be much more vocal when unhappy......when we're happy we just quietly enjoy it!

Safe travels!


We just took delivery of our 2010 ElkRidge, and are extremely happy with the layout, features and cost to value. We also plan to fulltime in it (6 months away).

We are very happy with our local dealer and Heartland (we looked at 5vrs for 2 years before making this purchase). These guys are highly ranked in customer service and quality!

However that being said, we've had it out once and have had some problems: electric awning doesn't work all the time and we were stuck with it open, the frig won't work on electricity, but does on propane, and the 32" Jensen tv has audio/video issues.

We have purchased enough NEW things over the, trucks, campers, etc. ALL have had problems right out of the box, without exception...WE LIVE IN A MORE DISPOSABLE WORLD TODAY.

(We do have an International Harvester Freezer that is about 60 years old, still works like new and I have never spent a penny on it for repairs. Those times sadly are gone)

So, we except the initial problems things will have and move forward enjoying life and looking forward to simplifying our lives and traveling. ;)


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The biggest frustration is when something doesn't work like it should, your owner's manuals/packet is useless, and the WiFi is down :(. These forums are priceless for getting quick answers/suggestions for just about everything related to HL products. We bought our BH in October of last year but didn't take possession until late March. I was reading the problems and getting my shorts in a knot over whether or not we'd picked a loser. We didn't. Knowing what some of the problems were made it easy to look for them before they occurred and take corrective action. Some others, I figured out a fix and posted it. Overall, we're very happy with our unit.

Bob and Chris

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We're Landmark rookies (picked ours up in April), but we spent a year looking at Heartland products and the competition. We feel we not only picked the right brand, but also joined the right family! We have found the people on the forum to be genuine and friendly, very willing to share their problems and solutions. We have had minor problems (a water pump I could replace myself) but have received immediate support and quick service from the factory. If you haven't picked it up, do a thorough PDI (inspection) and test everything! It will eliminate the source of a lot of potential problems. Welcome to the the Heartland family!

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My wifes says that usually people will complain before they will post something good.

I think your wife got it right. There are a few that have complained justifiably so and then there are some who complain because they can. We have run across some people, coach is out of warranty, where the factory has bent over backwards to fix their coach and still complained that not enough was done. If I were looking for a coach for the first time I would again look very hard at the Heartland coach's and would probably go with one. The factory, the people on this forum and the coach itself makes the HL products the best bang for the buck.


I have a 2010 Augusta and took delivery in Dec. after alot of research and trips to see the coach up close. Everytime I go out there are problems. Door was dented on delivery, ser # on ref didn't match door (double ref) finally goyt the door, had it installed & another dent, RV shop says it should have an electrical lock, Dometic concurs. Leaks in kitchen, windows difficult to open, pencil marks there but missing border, back wall never cleaned under window so it has a gravely texture, security light works with amber light (no sense to me), had to replace thermostat on fantastic fan, overhead light not centered, & it goes on. After every trip it goes in for warranty workLast trip,Lake George w/ 3 grandaughters, slides stuck. No fluid in resovoir, took 3 qts, but where did it go? Just venting but this all has to end.